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    Hi all
    I use a dummy to get my DS off to sleep for both day and night sleeps.
    I used to take it out once he fell asleep but found that if I left it in during the day he would sleep for 2 sleep cylces more often rather than just the 45 minutes.

    Since leaving it in I have found that he wakes more often at night for his dummy and on occasions leave it in.

    My question is if we use a dummy to get him off to sleep should I be leaving it in his mouth when he is asleep or continue taking it out. Or is taking it out a bit like 'teasing'

    Thanks for you help

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    DD1 i always left it in and i found she would push it out when she didnt want it. A few times i took it out and she was horrid cos her dummy was missing!

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    I did the exact same for my DD as KIMBAZ suggested she did with her DD too !!

    ... I only gave the dummy to DD out of desperation when she developed shocking colic & it helped her some at night

    I thought I was going great until she started talking & then could ask for the 'dummy' when we would be out shopping, etc ... Why I did not seeing that coming, augh

    All the very best with your sweet Bubba, ... oh, I just dream of the day the dummy disappears

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    If you don't want bubs having it or don't wont to be woken up to put it back in I would prob just try & rid it.
    Otherwise like other comforts, if it's how bubs gets off to sleep it prob what he will be expecting when he wakes during the night...therefore you might find he wakes sooner without it IYKWIM. If it works you could always just run with it.
    I was lucky Charlie did not wake for his often & once old enough we attached it to his sleeping bag with a dummy chain & he now finds it himself not a worry.

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    Dummies are a hard thing, I used one for my DS1 and he used to have it with him all night, the thing is though i found that sometimes when they get a little older and rely on the dummie then when its not in their mouth and they want it but cant put it in there they cry for it.
    I only ever gave my son a dummie when he was in bed not ever did he walk around the house with it or go out with it. especially when they can talk i definatly do not like it.
    I think you just have to go with what you think it right and what works best.
    good luck

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