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    DD 11mths had been in a nice sleeping pattern of going down at 7.30 and not waking until 5.00 I'd feed her and then she'd wake at 8.00. We got this happening by using the the no-cry sleep solution.This did however, take till 10mths to achieve but then after a couple of weeks of that pattern she got sick and sleep has been a disaster since - waking every 1-2 hours sometimes just for dummy sometimes taking up to an hour to settle. I'm so sleep deprived.

    Anyway I think I need to try and get rid of the dummy to see if that solves some of the waking problems just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting rid of a dummy? Has anyone tried the no-cry sleep solution method of removing dummy? Did it work and if so how long did it take?

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    Bridee, I hear you. For 2 weeks now, we've been trying a new sleep routine which is quite good. She did have her dummy at the start but I just didn't give it to her anymore one day and she protested but it took about 2 days for her to live without it. Now she's sick and the sleep routine has gone out the door. She is all over the place! I know exactly what sleep deprivation feels like. It's horrible isn't it?! My DD is 6 months old. I am trying everything from not giving her solids after a certain time to giving her Infants Friend, wondering whether she is hot/cold, giving her teething drops, everything! Nothing is working, I'm thinking it may be developmental. I have heard they go through stages of sleeping/not sleeping.

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    bridee - It may just take a couple of weeks for things to get back to normal. DS was quite ill for about 4 weeks with bronchiolitis (so he started waking up very frequently during the night). After he got better, it still took 2-3 weeks to get back to normal sleep patterns. But, this week he's been great. Our sleep routine is very similar to yours (7:30 - 5am-ish, then back to sleep until 7:30am-ish). I tossed up whether to get rid of the dummy, but decided to wait & see how things went - and he did manage to get himself back into routine with the dummy. So we've just kept using it.

    If you do decide to get rid of the dummy, I would start with day sleeps & see how she goes?

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