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Thread: Hard to get to sleep during the day!

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    Default Hard to get to sleep during the day!

    Rylee is nearly 12 weeks old. She seems to be getting harder and harder to settle to sleep during the day. She will be exhausted, whingey and just about asleep but as soon as I put her in her cot she starts screaming her head off. So for the past week I have been putting her in her pram and wheeling her around the house/outside until she goes to sleep and then just leaving her in it to sleep. But I don't know if this is a good idea or not or should I persevere and try to get her to sleep in her cot.......


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    laurin, it's really okay, how you're doing

    maybe she has a menthal growth... one of the growths is around week twelve

    starting to scream when putting in bed is a typical sign

    if she sleeps in the pram its fine.

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    Laurin, my 2nd son was like this for a while once he hit 12 weeks, and i too used to put him in the pram and walk him around until he fell asleep
    I think beastie might be right about it being a mental growth

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    do you know the wonder weeks book?

    there is everything in it about menthal growths

    [URL=" eASIN=1579546455&adid=0220FZDDSQH7CQHDDCX4&"]wonder weeks[/URL]

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    I spoke to a health professional today who was really helpful.She told me the first sleep in the morning was most important and to work on one sleep at a time.Ruby is 10 weeks and she said at this stage they have real difficulty self settling.If she is quiet put her in her cot/bassinet and let her try self settle.If she doesnt i can hold her and gently pat her bum until she is half asleep and pop her in.She also said using a pram is great too at this age and its not unitl 6 months that they can start to understand on how to self settle.I feel relieved because i dont want to control cry,i made that mistake with my first.Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

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