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    Hi all,

    We have a beautiful 4 month boy who is having sleep problems

    He’s been wrapped since day one but has now decided he wants his arms out – fair enough! The issue we have is that he has a dummy and keeps knocking it out and of course awaking up…argghhhhh. This weekend we have made a concerted effort to get rid of the dummy, so far so good although he now has a crazy sleep routine ie….pram to rock him off, then rocking him in our arms before putting him into the cot and patting etc for a further 30/60mins. As you can imagine time consuming, this of course is fine when my DH is home but a little stressful on the week days.

    Do you have any suggestions as things seem so out of my control

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    Hi Noodle

    My 9 week old dd also has a dummy although she has realised that if she squishes her little face against the blankie her great grandmother knitted her she can push it out and then grab it again. I realise that its not a good idea to have extra blankets and things in with them, but she is not a fan of us rocking or patting her to sleep and she pushes the dummy out against the blanket and sucks it back again. If she doesnt want the dummy she moves her head and spits it out.

    Maybe you need to invest in a rocker? Erynn loves her rocker and it has a vibration mode on it that calms her also.

    Good luck with bubs


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    Can you introduce him to his thumb? I've banned dummies since DS found he could stuff his fist in his mouth for this reason (only really used them for nighttime). Otherwise, I bought him a load of dummies with a button instead of a loop; he can knock these out, but it's a lot harder.

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