Blake has finally mastered going to sleep. For both his day sleep and going to sleep at night, he settles well. He has his music on - Ben Lee - and he usually goes to sleep straight away or else he has a little play during the day then goes to sleep. Whatever he does, for both sleeps - day and night - he doesn't need me to settle him at all.

My problem is that he wakes usually after 2-3 hours and wont go back to sleep at night. Sometimes he will and it's just his dummy he's lost. Other times he's so fidgety that he cries and can't get himself back to sleep. I even struggle to get him to sleep, and to stay asleep for more than 10 mins.

If I pick him up and get into the single bed with me, he sleeps like an angel - although last night he was very restless, tossing and turning. Usually this isn't the case, he just lies down, closes his eyes, holds my hand and crashes.

The thing is, I'm sick of sleeping in the single bed. I miss my husband, and my bed! John's not good at co-sleeping so that's why Blake and I are in the single bed.

Can anyone give me advise on how to get him to sleep through the night? He has a bear to sleep with. If it's cool, he has an oil heater in his room to keep it warm enough for him, and he sleeps in a grobag so he can't kick off the covers. We've also tried having the music on all night to see if the noise helps him - it didn't!

Is he just missing me and that's why he's playing up?