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    can i make arquene sleep more? or am i just dreaming?(haha no pun intended)
    we co sleep and she wakes 2 hourly from 7/8 ish until 7/8ish with a "play" (really hard to get her back to sleep time)atm about 4.30/5 ish for an hour or so

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    Big hugs Ellie. You must be so tired. I am wondering if you would consider trying to sleep Arquene on a matress on the floor next to your bed instead of in bed with you? I know that we have never been able to successfully co-sleep with Jack as he gets very restless - I could be wrong but I think he gets too hot with the body heat. Other than that I am not sure what to suggest. I hope she sleeps better soon though.

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    Ellibam Guest


    she is in her cot (with out its side) next to our bed, but crawls in with me

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