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Thread: Hysterical after < hour sleep (at nighttime)

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    Default Hysterical after < hour sleep (at nighttime)

    Pup has been such a good sleeper, but for the past 3 weeks, he has been waking in the middle of the night for a feed (no real problem with this as he goes back to sleep straight away) and for the past 3 nights, he has been waking anywhere between 30 mins and 1 hour after being put down for the night and is absolutely hysterical. Takes me 30 - 45 mins to calm him so I can get him back down.

    I'm totally unsure what is going on as he has never done this before. It is now 8.45pm and we still haven't had our dinner because he started up and we can't get him back down.

    Any suggestions?

    He is crying like he is hurt, but I've checked his clothes, bed linen, nappy etc and nothing is poking into him. It is really starting to upset me.

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    Are you dressing him to warm at the moment? Maggie has been very restless that past 2 nights (3 inc tonight) and the weather has been a lot warmer than last week. Her hot cry is a lot like a pain cry, what is Pup's like?

    This weather is making me toss and turn, so I can understand why Maggie is not sleeping well and I think her getting upset is that she really wants to sleep. What is the weather like where you are?

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    Yeah, it is hot. Maybe that's the problem. Pup has always been a poor settler when the temp changes significantly to hot. After I posted, we ended up getting him up and putting him in his rocker while we ate dinner. He watched us like a hawk eating and looked hungry himself. I did end up giving him some farex and apple puree and he scoffed the lot (about a normal meal's worth..not just a little bit). This was on top of the extra 80+ml of water I gave him when he was still in his room.


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    OMG Hay he sooooooooo sounds like Zahra!

    She is waking up 12.30am on the dot and wanting a feed, then goes off to sleep. She is then waking up around 2 hours after that and then again 2 hours later for more feeds!! Making me go insane with lack of sleep!

    I have tried to dress her differently for bed - the weather here is chopping and changing so much so that she starts out cold then gets hot during the night.

    The clinic sister told me that it is most likely a seperation anxiety problem and I tend to think she is correct. She is really wanting to be with me all the time and if she is with someone else (quite happily at that) and I walk into the room, she will cry and squeal until I take her. Then she is queit as a lamb (little weasel!!).

    I have been taking her into bed with me so that I atleast get a little sleep but the clinic sister told me not to. She told me to let her cry and reassure her by telling her that "mummy is here, go back to sleep" but it is just making her more hysterical and with 2 other kids sleeping (3 including dh lol!!), I am not happy to do that and it is just not working. It is also making it much harder to settle her so against the nurse's advice, I am feeding her and she goes back to sleep. She is having a full feed and I don't believe it is not a comfort suck. I have been feeding her more for dinner but she is still not sleeping through!

    Well, sorry for the long post, but I sooooooooo know how you are feeling! The only peace that I get from doing what I am is that my other two children went through the same thing pretty much, and now they sleep wonderfully and know that when they are feeling sad, lonely or scared, they can come to mum and dad and know that they will be comforted (which is not something I remember as a kid!!).

    Best wishes and hopefully you will get some better sleep really soon!


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    Kelli, great to hear from you!!! Pup has settled down somewhat. He is still waking most nights at least once, but I think I have created this need as I have dropped him down to 3 BFs during the day instead of having 4 - 5. So I think he needs something extra to get him through.

    However, that being said, Saturday nght just gone, was our wrst night EVER. He woke about 5 times during the night and I ended up with only 4 hrs sleep. And then had to cater and attend my ILs 40th wedding anniversary the next day. I was a bit of a zombie! Now I know how mums with new little babies that don't sleep feel. I never had that problem and never really was sleep deprived.

    Fortunately, last night was a normal night - including sleeping right through - so I don't know what is going on. Some change in his behaviour that I am I just going to have to accept. I've noticed that he is really changing in himself lately too. Even doing things during the day. he is becomine more and more independant every day and now he can sort of commando crawl around. I have also noticed the beginnings of tempter tantrums, esp when changing him or feeding and he can't get his way.

    All related to the sleeping issues I guess.......

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    Oops, double post.....

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    Hay Im so glad pup has settled down a bit. They are funny little sausages arent they.

    Kel..the way you were describing Zahra I could have written myself about Sammy! Ive taken the side of the cot off and pushed it right up against the bed. Sometimes after a feed I have rolled him back over to in the cot and he gets upset..i will rest my head right next to his head and gently pat his back saying mummy is right here honey..but nope..feed him and hes as happy as Larry!


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