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Thread: i cant do it anymore!!!

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    Unhappy i cant do it anymore!!!

    i cant stand the no sleep anymore! Please help what can get her 2 sleep and make her stay asleep 4 a good amount of time please somebody.

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    the only suggestion I have is to co sleep even just during the day to ty and catch up..

    sorry I am of no help

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    Oh Kass !! I totally understand, and its a difficult age too. DS went through an awful stage, didn't want to sleep, SCREAMED when put down, but it went away after a few months, and is now back into the same routine (strange). I tried everything too, but I think the main thing is to not get too stressed out or frustrated (and I know how hard that is - I have a really BAD temper) because they can feel that frustration and it doesn't help them relax. I persisted with putting DS down for his daily naps - one at 9.30 and one at 2.30. If he didn't go to sleep, and just wanted to scream, I get him up, let him play for 15 minutes, and try again. And I just kept on doing it until he was finally tired enough (and I was so ready for a cuppa afterwards!!). Now I just put him in his cot at 9.30, throw a light muslin wrap over his face (sounds awful) and he falls asleep. Maybe she needs something like that? I always remove it after he has fallen asleep, and we have a breathing monitor as well. We are currently still struggling with his night sleep - he will NOT go to sleep at 8.30 - we have to help him get to sleep, which is very exhausting, and by the time you are done, you can't get anything else done because its nearly time to go to bed yourself!!! Arghhh.. so I totally get where you are coming from. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon enough. :-) Its difficult being a mum!!!

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    Hi Kass. Im sorry to hear your baby isnt sleeping. It must be very frustrating to you, and I can completely understand why you are at your wits end.

    Aricyn's Mum had some great suggestions for you and I just wanted to add to it.

    My DS's sleeping habits changed when he was 9 months old (or should I say crumbled), and I thought they'd never get better... but THEY DID...eventually. At this age your baby is going through some developmental changes and separation anxiety is beginning to hit. My DS would scream when I placed him in the cot and would wake repeatedly through the night. I was advised to try 'controlled crying' by Karitane (can you believe it) it didnt work for me and it just broke my heart (I only lasted five minutes).

    My best suggestion is to be very strict with your routines. That means that if your baby has a sleep at 10 in the morning, then you must do this every day (unless it is essential that you need to go out at that time). Keep the routine the same each day, and if she doesnt fall asleep within 1/2 hr, then let her play for 15 mins and start again. Keep doing this until she falls asleep. Another thing, try to get her to sleep in her cot by herself if you can. You just need to stay in the room with her and tell her 'mummys here' if she cries. If she just wont go to sleep in the cot by herself then its ok to let her drift of to sleep in your arms, or lying next to you. Once she becomes accustomed to the usual routine you can try putting her in the cot and see if she'll go to sleep by herself.

    Another suggestion, dont feel guilty about co-sleeping if you really need to rest. Adequate rest is sooo important when your a mum, and your baby will benefit too as she will feel safe. I suggest that if you do co-sleep, that you put her into her cot once she falls asleep. Athough many swear by co-sleeping, I find it works well as a 'sometimes' rule, because otherwise the baby gets too accustomed too it and wont sleep in their own bed. (Too be honest, a kicking baby in the bed isnt that conducive to sleep after a few nights).

    At the end of the day you need to find what works for you, and I hope some of my suggestions might help you.

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