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Thread: I'm doing the wrong thing...but its working too???

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    bruky Guest

    Default I'm doing the wrong thing...but its working too???

    I know I am doing the wrong thing as far as SIDS is concerned and the advice given but Katie wont sleep any other way.

    I had probs in the first 2 weeks settling could take up to 5-6 hours to get her down (and yep she was feeding most of that time too)...anyway I was at a friends house one day and Katie went to sleep in my arms so we put her on her daughters bed...I know she was too young to roll anywhere but we put her on a boomerang pillow so she couldnt move...and wallllaaaaa she slept like a trooper.

    I swaddle her first then lay her on the boomerang...she never moves at all with it...I have her feet at the end of the cot too so she cant slip down...if I could post a pic of it I would so you could me it seems safe and am very aware of the SIDS stuff...and I constantly check her too

    Should I continue with this or stop?

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    Melinda Guest


    So do you think it's the pillow that she likes lying on (or the comfort of it kind of surrounding her) or do you think she likes being elevated?

    A couple of things you could try as an alternative:

    - Get a 'snuggle bed' to put in the cot so she is more snug
    - Elevate the head of the cot (you could try rolling up a couple of towels and putting them beneath the top of the mattress).
    - Or you could try combining those two options - do both!

    Just a suggestion anyway!

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    /the snuggle bed could be a good idea!! Coco has slept in one since about 1 week, she would NOT settle in her cot. Now I have teh snuggle bed in the cot and I dread when she gets too big for it (getting close)!! Definitely the best thing I purchased (apart from HAB), and it's also great for taking to other peoples houses as they're used to it and it travels so easily!

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    bruky Guest


    hmmm thanks girls...i have a snuggle bed, I used it with DS when we went to ppls houses etc...might be worth a go

    I'm not sure which part of it she likes I think it could be a combination of the lot.

    I just would never forgive myself if something happened even tho like I said to me she isnt moving anywhere (for now...when she is bigger it would be ok) and it looks safe???

    thanks again =D>

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    If she does like it, put a blanket over the top of it so she can't get underneath the pillow when she does start to move IYKWIM? I would always put a cot pillow under the bassinette matress to raise the end of it up, because at hospital in the cribs, they tilt them up, and they just get used to sleeping like it I think (my babies anyway!)

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    Maggie liked to be tilted as well. As be had her bassinet in the cot, we would raise it up on a folded blanket, plus we think she likes the cosiness of the basinet.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    What about a hammock? I have heard good things about them. Sarah_H (one of the senior mods) used one for her son, Zander. Maybe you could give one of those a go?

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