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Thread: Need help please!

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    OK, I think I will re-introduce the bear!

    Saturday night: 9-11 (then a shout at DH as he woke DS up to play WoW... not happy!), 11-4, nappy change, 4.30-6.30.

    Sunday night: 9.15-1.30 (last snack-feed at 8.15, didn't let DH close the sitting room door at night), 1.30-5, 5-6.30. That's fantastic! However, DS would only go to sleep in the carrier, not so happy about that but I did mess up his routine yesterday as PiL took us to buy a new pram.

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    I've figured out the problem! Liebling is as perverse as his mother (caffeine sends me to sleep) - his lullabies wake him up! He was going to sleep in his pram yesterday so I started humming his lullabies, so he associates them with sleep. Wide awake! I hum something else, sleepy again until I change to lullabies.

    Night-time, won't sleep for 15 mins of lullabies, but by the third part of the song I made up for him just after he was born he was fast asleep. I stopped rocking the crib too early and he woke up, but wasn't screaming the second he awoke, so I fed him to sleep in the quiet.

    Last night he did 8-10.30-2.30, nappy change, 3-6.30, fed in bed until 7am.

    The longer sleeps may be routine-related, so I'll just use my singing to get him to sleep for now and start again! But he will be put down just after he has closed his eyes and it works now!

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    ryn that's great that you've worked that out so far. His sleeps sound good too, no feeds overnight, just a nappy change. That's really good.

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    The feeds were at 8, 10.30, 2.30, 3 and 6.30, Jodi, but he does just feed and sleep at night now. He has to be awake to complain about his nappy too; if he wakes less then he cando the full night without a change.

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    I think that singing to your baby is a beautiful way to get them to sleep!!

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    Ich liebe mein Liebling! He is wonderful! He slept 8-11-5 (well, just after 11 to just before 5, good enough for me!) last night, then we napped until 7.30 - my fault, I should have changed his nappy at 5; I left it until 5.30 in case he went back to sleep and that had both of us awake then.

    The new routine is as follows:
    1. Bathtime until DS is bored of the bath (takes about 15 mins, but means he doesn't scream when we get out).
    2. Dry off slowly and massage with the talc
    3. Nappy and sleepsuit on
    4. Bedroom, feed and Hungry Caterpillar and say prayers
    5. Sing/hum him almost to sleep for 5-10 mins, down into crib, rocked until he snores.

    Night to myself! (Unless I put him down too late and he's up at 9pm!)

    I figured that if I'm teaching him road safety and table manners already then it's not too early to start saying prayers before sleeping; after all, as I say with the road safety and table manners, if not now then when do you start?

    Plus now I dream about eating chocolate and tell myself off for it in my dreams because it affects DS's sleep - he won't do any long sleeps if I have caffeine. Ah well, just another few years, I hope his siblings won't be like that with chocolate!

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