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Thread: need sleep advice, please help

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    Default need sleep advice, please help

    Hi Girls ...I really need some help please!!!

    I am having sooo much trouble getting Jensen to sleep at night...and now I feel so confused on what to Id love to hear how your getting your bubs to sleep or any advice would be greatly appreciated...Im feeling very down and out!

    At the moment we dont have a routine, during the day I feed him until he falls asleep on the breast and then pop him into his bed...but he only sleeps for about 1hour or so then screams and screams so I end up feeding him again and so the loop continues!
    At night its pretty much the same... Ill give him a bath, then feed till he falls asleep...but last night I tried to put him into his cot awake after his feed and he just screamed and I went back in and gave him a cuddle and then leaving the room and waiting 10mins and kept doing this for almost 3 hours...and still he wouldnt settle at all!!!
    Should I be starting a routine?
    Or is he still too young (hes almost 6 weeks)
    Ahhgrrrrr Im soooo confused brings me to tears as I so want to do whats best for him....
    Thanks for taking the time...
    love Cyn

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    you poor thing - a screaming baby is pretty traumatic isn't it. Maybe for his big sleep at night you can start setting up a bedtime routine. Ours is a bath (but not always - sometimes I'm lazy LOL), then a cuddle and feed/comfort to sleep. We use a hammock so if Imran wakes up a little while I'm putting him to sleep its easy to just bounce him back to sleep again. Yasin is nearly 2 and we still follow pretty much the same routine except we've added a nudie run and reading a book to it. Some nights he'll go to sleep on his own and other nights he still likes to have company until he goes to sleep. I think that doing the same thing before bed every night helps them to understand what is happening and since its predicable its relaxing IYKWIM.
    If putting Jensen down awake is distressing you and him then I think it would be best if you just give it a miss and keep comforting him to sleep - they grow up so fast so why not enjoy the cuddles while you can.
    Also for his day sleeps - after 6 weeks he might be starting to want more awake time between his naps. When you put him down are you doing it based on the time (ie he's been awake for an hour so he needs a nap) or are you basing it on tired signs (jerky movements, grizzling, eye rubbing etc). I find that I get much better results from watching for tired signs than I do from worrying about the clock.
    Routine - Usually I just follow a 'baby-led' routine of feed - play - sleep. When bubs wakes up he cops a feed, then he has some awake time (playing, tummy time, sitting in his pram watching the world go by etc) and then, wheh he starts to look tired its sleep time. If he seems hungry before his sleep its a feed - play - feed - sleep routine.
    Thats what works for me. I'm sure that you'll find your own groove soon enough.

    ETA - 15-ways-to-help-your-baby-sleep - this is a great article. You might find it usefull.

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    Hey there,

    6w of age is a really common time for growth spurts, so Jensen may be wanting to feed quite frequently right now.

    Also, at 6w of age, he's still a bit too little to know how to put himself to sleep, so he needs your help with this for the time being.

    About routines - I recently saw a post (Dachlostar I think) who said that baby-led routines as opposed to clock-led routines is the way to go, and I agree whole-heartedly. Routines that have you doing things strictly by what the clock says often don't suit our little individual babies who have their own set of needs, so by watching for, and learning your little one's individual cues and responding to them accordingly, you'll find yourself on the right track in time. It can take a while to work them all out, so don't be too hard on yourself - it's early days yet! I know it's very tiring, but remember growth spurts come and go and some times you will be feeding around the clock and then it settles down. Also, you're still getting to know Jensen, and before you know it, you'll be an expert on what all the different cries/faces mean!

    Have you thought about trying some gentle massage after Jensen's bath? Perhaps you could think about doing that if he enjoys it, and perhaps think about other soothing sleepy things you could do specifically when those tired signs become evident. Feeding to sleep isn't a bad thing either and is of great comfort to bubs! You could play some soothing music (e.g. Peace Baby) for sleep, pat/rock/stroke him (often the rhythmical movement is very soothing).

    Not sure if this has helped........good luck, and remember you're Jensen's #1!!

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