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    My DS spent much of last night screaming with what I think were the night terrors. He didn't appear to be awake and, initially, would not be comforted. He seemed to want to climb out of our bed (over me). Eventually he calmed down and sobed himself back to sleep in my arms.

    I have to rush off to work now, but I am pretty upset. Anyone out there with info/ideas - this is not the first time!

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    Matilda's had a few of these experiences. All I have done is exactly what you've done & that is help them settle once they are able too. Cuddles & holding them until they are able to sleep again. Its horrible. I have often cried with her & hated watching her little body shake & heave with the fear. I often turn on a light & whisper to her that she's safe with Mummy & Daddy now and that we would do anything to protect her.

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    for you first of all!

    Mason has had a few of these now and they are bad. He screams and cries out and I can't understand what is upsetting him, sometimes he stares up to the ceiling like he is in a trance with his eyes open so wide and other times his he won't open them at all. And the sweat!
    All I can say is cuddle him if he will let you and he will calm down eventually. Does he remember any of it? Mason usually doesn't usually but will talk about a bad dream a few days later. Not sure if talking makes it any better for him but is sure helps me!

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    Thanks to both of you! It helps to know you are not he only one going through something like this.

    Will is only 15 months and not talking at all yet due to ear problems. It was really scary and frustrating - the worst thing was having to go off to work the next morning before he woke up. DH said he was fine though - so we will see how he goes tonight. Hopefully it will all be good.

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