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    It is getting increasingly hard to get Coco to sleep at any time, night, day, middle of night etc. Just wondering if others have experienced this. She did a good 10 weeks of fantastic sleeping and now it's gone out the window. Dont know if it's teeth or what, but we're up all night and it's taking an hour plus to get her down, whereas she used to self settle within 5 mins....I do NOT want to start rocking and pacing as we weren't doing that, and I feel that would just create major probs. Any advice welcome!! oxo

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    I really hate to say it but it seems to be that age. We had huge sleep issues with Louis at the same time and he has just settled down since Easter.

    I don't really have any solutions for you, but I know how frustrating it can be!

    From the sounds of it it's just a phase they go through at this time and hopefully it won't last too long for Coco.

    Sorry I can't be of more help

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    She may have a lot going on developmentally - it can be such a common age for sleeping disturbances to crop up. It's hard work, I know.

    Apart from doing the things that soothe her, I don't have any suggestions unfortunately. We have found the only way we can soothe Jacob is to rock/pat/cuddle/stroke etc - he simply needs that comfort and to know you are there. I haven't found doing these things has created any problems - if anything, it just means that during his waking hours, if he's upset and wants a cuddle, then he comes straight to us and has the confidence to explore his surroundings whilst knowing that we are always there to help him if he needs it.......

    Good luck!

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    Sorry to hear that you're finding things tough with Coco's sleeping Meg...
    It also sounds to me like it is another one of those developmental stages.

    What we did with Aidyn was very similar to Mel, we just went with the flow, and cuddled/rocked/ or co-slept with him. I never found it to create any ongoing problems, and if anything I think it was beneficial for him to have the reassurance and comfort from us when he needed it.
    We've had many stages (even until recently) where Aidyn has stopped sleeping through - due to sickness, and developmental stages etc, but I know with patience and just perseverance with doing what I have always done (cuddled him to sleep etc) that his routine will eventually get back to normal... and it has always worked like that for us.
    But I can truly sympathise that in the meantime it is very hard to cope with sleep deprivation... I wish I had an answer, but TBH I dont think there is any set answer, as it seems to be something that all babies go through... as much as every few months even?...

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