thread: Is it really bad for her? (Co-Sleeping question)

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    Mar 2007

    Is it really bad for her? (Co-Sleeping question)

    DD is 14 and a half months old. Until the last week she has always spend the night in her cot with the occassional waking requiring DH or myself to go and put the dummy in etc.
    However in the last week or so, she has woken in the middle of the night and refused to go back to sleep in her own cot. She will cry and scream and get so worked up. But, as soon as we put her in bed with us, she will go straight to sleep and while being restless, she tends to sleep through the rest of the night.
    I don't sleep too well with her in the bed as she tosses and turns a lot. We also have a dog and occassionally a cat sleep on the bed so there is really not a whole lot of room.

    My question really is, will she sort of grow out it and go back to sleeping in her cot, will I have to try something to get her to sleep in her own cot (hmmm more than one question!) is it that bad for her to sleep with us/.... Will she get into the habit of sleeping with us? Is it time for the big bed?

    DH cannot stand the crying as it upsets him way too much.

    Any ideas on what we can do would help greatly.

    Sorry for the novel.

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    She might end up fed up with the lack of room and want to go back to her cot. My two loved co sleeping but as they got older they preferred the cot so they could spread out more.

    It might only be for a short while, I always wake up with a sore back after hanging off the side of the bed on 'full house' nights so I know how you feel!

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    LOL I just posted in another thread with almost the exact same problem!

    DD did this too at around his age. It nearly drove me insane, especially since I was working part-time!

    I just brought her into bed with us and bf her for a little while (I dropped that after a couple of months and started offering water). It is squishy in our bed too, we have two little dogs who DP lets up when I fall asleep. But DD sleeps very still, so we work it out. If she wasn't sleeping, then I'd tell her she must go back in her own bed. Then I decided I was sick of getting up to get her and took the sides off her cot and let her find her own way into our bed! That was even better in terms of how much I was disturbed. Some nights I'd wake up and she's in between us and neither of us noticed her getting in!

    I found after a couple of months DD went back to sleeping in her own bed until about 5am, when she comes into us. So yes, it will pass.