Hello everyone
I am new to this so am hoping I am doing this right!!! My husband and I have 3 gorgeous children, the eldest 2 (7yrs and 10 yrs) were more typical sleepers whereas our 10 month old Edward is like nothing we've ever seen before!! He has never slept more than an hour at a stretch and is still waking up more than a dozen times every night. We co-sleep and he still wakes up that often! When he was 7 weeks he stopped breathing with bronchiolitis and has had 5 or so quite serious bouts with slight apnea each time. He snores all the time when he sleeps and I can't remember my other 2 doing that. He is very restless and unsettled in the night and I'm wondering whether he may have sleep apnea. Problem is, I figure if I go to my new gp (have recently moved to Melbourne) I am certain she will recommend controlled crying and I won't 'get a fair trial' at the sleep specialist so to speak! I am wondering if anyone can recommend a gp or a peadiatrician in Melbourne who is anti-controlled crying? I would like some insight and help with the sleeping as by now we are VERY exhausted but I am just not comfortable with letting him cry to sleep at all. Any other suggestions would be most welcome as the sleep is getting worse not better! Edward is a complete delight and joy in the day, laughs and plays happily all day without so much as a whinge, was walking properly at 9 months, crawled at 4 and half etc, is fine with all milestones etc and we are at a complete loss!! Any ideas? Most appreciated!