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    Not sure what to do here.. My three week old has developed a liking to an elbow, or boomerang pillow. He will not go to sleep or settle without it. I can put him in his bassinette, cot, on the floor, in bed with us.. whereever but he will not sleep if I dont give him this damn pillow!! So, as a result he is now in his cot with the pillow. This is the only way he will sleep. I am now waking up every hour or so to check that he is ok! He will sleep up to 5 hours straight... which is great but if I keep waking in a panic this doesn't do me much good!! lol!! Has any one else had this problem? Am I being over cautious??

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    I myself wouldn't use a pillow until they are 12 months old. I would stick to him just using a elbow as that will be safer and you will worry more. Also you would get more sleep as well that way.

    If it's a case he just likes his head raised maybe try the pillow under the materess (sp?) and see if that helps as the bed might just have to be raised a little.

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    If maybe raising the mattress a bit like Michelle suggested...maybe you could try a tea tree pillow or something similar?? I know the tea tree mattresses they're supposed to still be able to breath if they roll over. Might be worth checking into.

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