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    Question Target ~ Safe T Sleeper

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some personal info?

    I went into Target today and saw a new baby sleeper. The tag that Target had on it called it a Safe T Sleeper. It kinda looked like a change-table. But it was designed to go in-between parents when co-sleeping. It had 3 sides that were hard (where the head goes) and the bottom part was able to be folded up (when not in use) and the velcro secured it at the top, so it was portable and you could carry it with a little handle.

    I've never seen them before, but I have seen a type of oval bedding that has bulky sides so that you can sleep with your newborn without worrying that you'll roll onto them, or they will get caught under pillows or blankets.

    Has anyone seen these, or know if they are good or not?

    Thank you in advance.

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    *Beccy* Guest


    Thank you Charli, I appreciate your advice. Will re-think the sleeper!

    Kind regards

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    I have heard that these are great esp if you are nervous about cosleeping. I am looking for a cosleeper you can attach to the side of the bed, would this one work like that?

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    Sarah ~ No, the one at Target almost looks like a change table. The head area has 3 sturdy sides and then the bottom is roll-able so that you can roll it up, secure it with the velcro and carry it with the little handle. Very convenient.

    But, as DH said, I have large bb's (E cup) and I had to lay down to feed my DD because I had too much milk, so we'd end up falling asleep the target sleeper would be of no use!

    Instead of an attachment on the side of the bed, why don't you use either a bassinett or if you have space in your bedroom, put the cot in there??


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