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    My 6 month old sleeps in his hammock for day sleeps and we co-sleep at night.. i was just wondering he has always been a "rock to sleep boy" so I bounce or rock him in the hammock to get him to sleep in the day.. I just wondered if everyone else has to do the same.. i guess im just wondering when he outgrows his hammock how i will get him to sleep without the rocking. I initially had him in a swing for the first few months as this was all he would sleep in. so i am much happier he is now in hammock.. the only other way he will sleep in the day, is if he is exhausted and falls asleep whilst on the boob.. the funny thing is he will fall asleep on his own or singing to him when we co-sleep.. btw, he wont have a piece of the cot.. love to hear your thoughts!

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    Zander was rocked to sleep in his hammock then trasitioned to the cot with no problems. He did need someone in there shhhh-ing & patting to start with though.

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