thread: Tips for getting him back to sleep/sleep longer.

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    Jun 2008

    Question Tips for getting him back to sleep/sleep longer.

    HI everyone,
    well my baby that did not use to sleep does sleep now!
    He sleeps good at night and I am getting him down for sleeps during the day, but the day sleeps are typically for a predictable 40 mins. He often seems tired when he wakes from some of his day sleeps and Im sure he should for be some of the day having a longer sleep.
    Has anyone suggestions I could try for helping him sleep longer? or for resettling?
    Some times I manage to get him back down after a feed, but most the time it dosent work.

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    Oct 2008
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    Hi Salsa

    I understand your frustration. DS was a shocking cat-napper for months. I know how exhausting it is (for you and for bub).

    Some bubs just get better in time and others (like my DS) don't. For me I found that rocking him to sleep was the issue - of course when he was coming out of that first sleep cycle he wanted me to rock him again. So I ended up gently helping him fall asleep on his own. Elizabeth Pantley's book "the No Cry Sleep Solution" has excellent tips for doing this and also tips for helping catnappers get to that second sleep cycle. I'll see if I can find the link on BB.

    Also, bubs is still so new! He's still sorting out the world around him so he may just settle into a better day sleeping pattern all by himself. That's great that he's sleeping well at night. Well done!