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Thread: too cold to sleep??

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    Default too cold to sleep??

    hi all,

    I am just wondering if there is an ideal room temp for babies to sleep in?

    first day Luxxe was home it was 43 degrees and she slept for 5 hour stretches with waking times of a couple hours where she fed on and off til she slept again. then we had lots of hot weather.

    now that we've gone out and bought an air conditioning unit and have the room temp managable, she won't sleep for more than half an hour in her bassinette or pram.... but will sleep for hours in the hug a bub or in bed with us.

    yesterday we bought a gro-bag (sleeping bag) and she slept really well until a nappy change and then wouldn't settle.

    I noticed that the room temp had dropped to about 17 degrees.

    do you think that she's just too cold to sleep?

    i always prefer to be cooler so maybe i'm not dresser her warm enough...

    should i put the heating on to keep the room a stable temp??



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    I would say to try and keep the room temp (or aircon temp) at around 24 degrees... that way it is neither too hot nor cold.
    At such a young age I think they still aren't very good regulating their body temperature... so if the room is going to be colder you may need to rug her up more.
    I have heard somewhere that they dont recommend to heat up a room too much, as it can also be a SIDS risk if baby gets too hot.

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    Jacob certainly prefers to be on the warmer side and doesn't sleep well if it's too cool.

    If Luxxe slept better when it was warmer, perhaps you could try putting some more clothing on her, or another blanket or something like that. She may like to be nice and snuggly warm (they're used to being somewhere very warm indeed - Mummy's tummy!)

    Ambah is right - she wouldn't be able to regulate her own body temperature at this stage.

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    I have the same problem with Madeline too! Cause she's a summer baby, she seems to LOVE the heat and sleeps best when she's rugged up. I have the aircon on in our room at 24 degrees but she likes it warmer, whereas I'm dying from the heat! *L*

    I think I read somewhere that babies in the womb are in a temperature in the high wonder they like the warmth!

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    I've found that even as they get older, my kids will wake up throught the night if they are cold. I just put the blankets back on and they are right.

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    Indah needs to be wrapped tightly & warm & snuggly to have a really deep decent sleep... Or else she tends to whinge & whine in her sleep....
    I have popped her in a sleeping bag, as she rols all over the cot & kicks everything off, now she's always warm!!!

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