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Thread: Too Much Sleep??

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    Default Too Much Sleep??

    I know most people are having problems with bubs going to sleep and staying asleep however can a baby have too much sleep??

    My DD is almost 3 months old is fully formula fed and is sleeping brilliantly. I am worried howevere that she is sleeping too much and not having enough awake time.
    She will have 12hours most nights occaisionally will wake overnight for a feed but will be awake less than an hour, she will have two day sleeps one of about 3hours another of about two and then a nap before going down for the night again.

    She is starting to sleep later and later in the morning and I am not sure whether I should be waking her. I have just let her do what she wants to do so far and she is so content. We are lucky enough to have great support from my Mum and MIL so they stay with my two children while I do the kinder run etc

    Am I just worried over nothing?
    I am very grateful that she is sleeping so well

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    id let her be!!! my sophie was and still is a great sleeper! remember sleep creates sleep!

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    Personally I wouldn't worry either. DS2 is a lot like this - he's 19 months now and still can sleep for 4 hours during the day and 12 hours overnight! I think babies are just like adults - some need more sleep than others.

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    I wouldn't worry. My DD was sleeping 13-14 hours straight from 5 days old through the night with the day sleeps ontop. My family health clinic nurse told me I should be waking her for feeds etc through the night. Mum (who was staying with me for the first couple of months after DD was born) told me to let her go, if she gets hungry she'll wake. I took my mums advice, afterall she has raised 4 kids herself, & I'm so glad I did. I stopped feeling guilty for letting DD go so long between feeds at night & I've never looked back.

    You obviously have a very happy & content little bubba who likes to sleep!!

    Enjoy it... it could change anytime!

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