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Thread: Two naps to one- what did your baby do?

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    Default Two naps to one- what did your baby do?

    Hi there,

    My baby is now 10.5 months old and I think she is dropping a sleep.

    She used to nap from 9-10.30 then 2-3.30 and bed at 7pm, but now she is napping from 10.30-12 and bed at 7.

    She seems to be quite fine with the less sleep and not a grumpy bumb.

    Not sure if she really is dropping a nap or if it is me forcing it upon her- I have recenly only been able to get her to sleep after a 15 min drive in the car:eek: and then I transfer her to the cot.

    What did your babies do when they dropped a nap?


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    well i was ust going to post somehting similar as I think my DS is going to drop a sleep soon
    Heis 1 yr old now and normally sleeps 9 to 11-12ish and then 3 to 4-5 ish
    last week he has been not going to AM sleep just sleeping after lunch which is fine on the days she has AM nap I am finding it hard to put him down in the PM as beig awake from 12-7.30 is too much for him.

    I usually put him into cot with his teddy that plays music and leave the room. I try and kee activity to minimun just before I try and put him down.
    I would suggest making a routine, like reading a book or sitting having a cuddle for couple mins before trying to put bubs to sleep
    Does bub fall asleep on her own at night?

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