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Thread: Unsettled during the day - especially morning

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    Default Unsettled during the day - especially morning

    Cooper is not going to sleep during the day like he used to. I don't know what's wrong. Is it just that he's getting older so wanting to be awake more?

    How long should he be awake for play time after feeds?

    I cannot get him to go to sleep in his cot after feeds (mornings are the worst). He's normally okay around lunch time.

    The only way I can get him to sleep is to put him in the Baby Bjorn or to put him on my chest and lie down. I don't want to have to do this all the time! Will it form a bad habit? Is he just wanting to be close to me?

    Although he's great at self-settling all through the night. I have no problems then.

    Also lately he seems to want to feed every 2 hours as well. I feed him anyway as it keeps him quiet for a while! But then I can't put him down to sleep!

    He used to be fine in his cot. He used to go 4 hours between feeds during the day. I guess he's just decided to change everything! I don't want to have to help him to sleep each morning ... I'm not sure why he can't just lie in his cot on his own anymore. What's changed?!

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    Hi Fee, could it be that Cooper is unsettled due to wind? It's hard to settle if you have a pain in the tummy. If you are doing everything the same in your technique to what you are doing at night I have not answeres for you

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    I don't think it's wind. I mean he settles fine during the night. But as soon as daylight hits - he doesn't want to go in his cot to sleep. But he'll sleep on me or in the Baby Bjorn. This continues until about midday.

    And he was never like this a couple of weeks ago...

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    Sophia also changed her sleeping habits recently. Up until two months of age she was happy to sleep in her bassinette during the day. Then she decided she would only sleep in my arms. As of two weeks ago she has started to have one of her daytime sleeps in her cot and I'm sure soon she'll be having all of them there. As some one else told me when I asked advice about this same thing, you might as well enjoy the closeness while you can. Soon our babies will be all grown up and we'll miss the cuddles.

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