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Thread: want to stop co sleeping

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    Default want to stop co sleeping

    we want to stop co sleeping but dont know how. he will only sleep if he is with myself or dh. if we put him down to sleep he will sleep for 20 mins then wake up but if we are with him or holding him he sleeps for a few hours. we tried to put him in his cot to sleep but it only lasted 45 minutes we are so tired any ideas?

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    I am trying to do the same thing at the moment with my almost 11 month old. He sleeps in his cot of during the day but he has to fall asleep on the boob before I put him in so that he is already asleep. He will scream and scream if I put him in there while he is awake and I hate hearing him cry. At night he will sleep in his cot until about 11pm and then I will just bring him in with me and ill feed him lying down and we will both go back to sleep. It has been so easy for the last 10 months but now that he is getting bigger and more fidgety, im a little over it. Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and sit with him next to the cot and rub his back until he falls asleep. Is that asking for trouble? At night it is just so much easier getting him out of his cot and going straight back to bed. I think little ones who are so used to having their mums next to them at night just fret at being alone. So maybe just being there while they fall asleep in their cot is the best way to go about it? I have heard not to let them cry so that they dont get scared of their cot. What do you think?? Anyway I think I will give it a go tonight. I got him to sleep tonight by patting his back and it only took about 10 mins, so not too bad I guess. Will see how I go and let you know...

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    Our kids both have mobiles (seth still has the music on his) and its a trigger for him its time for sleep and settles him quite well. With Paris she had it till she was 2 and she would wake up in the middle of the night and turn it on herself. As for the patting we sometimes still do it for Seth if he's really upset but generally he settles himself. He'll have 15 min playtime around the cot (or grizzle time) and then he'll start to wind down and I'll hear him call out and I'll go in and he's half asleep on the blanket I'll rearrange him and he'll go to sleep fine.

    My point is I think every baby and every family is different. I'm not comfortable with any crying or yelling and have always been there to comfort my son (On the other hand there are people who can handle it fine and thats cool too) but we've never had any problems with sleeping except for the first few months which is normal. And we've done alot of nono's.

    I think the most successful technique is consistancy, and if you don't like a certain settling technique and aren't prepared to follow it through until they decide they don't need it (or if you hate going through the change period) then don't start using that technique. Know your limits and what you can tolerate as well as your baby. We swaddled till Seth was 7 mths and then weaned him off it, some would have said that was a nightmare and whilst it was tough it was only tough for a couple of nights. We started using a sleeping bag through the night and during the day he needs nothing, he does the play settle sleep thing.

    I don't think there's only one hard and fast rule or technique for sleep (or learning to settle).

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