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    Default What happened?

    evie was doing so well putting herself to sleep for every nap the last few weeks and for a few months has put herself to sleep at night no trouble. now all of a sudden she cries and the only solution seems to be cuddling or feeding her to sleep.
    i dont want to let her cry it out and controlled crying is definately not for me but i dont know what to do. i want her to go to sleep happy, but not necessarily by being cuddled or fed.

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    growth spurt/teeth maybe Jack has been like this that from birth and was sleeping thru from 10 weeks but the last 2 weeks OMG!!! he needed cuddles or a bottle to go down but is getting back to normal now

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    Hi Rach,

    You are not alone! My kids both did the same, we thought we had it all sorted sleeping wise and then (one at 4mo and one at 6mo)they decided not to sleep so easy. I don't know what it is, maybe growth, becoming more aware or even teething....who knows? We were suckers and cuddled and rocked and only now at almost 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 are they going to bed by themselves and at a decent hour! BUT as of late DS is getting up and into our bed increasingly earlier each night! Anyway, I'm sure it happens to most of us and I know it can be really tough and confusing at times. Just do what you feel comfortable with....and good luck!!

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