Hi everyone,

I went to sleep school for the last 7 days and it has been great. Very hard for the first 3 days but after that my daughter settled and she has gone from waking every 1-2 hours to sleeping at least 5 hours a night but is terrible at getting from one sleep cycle to the next in the day. Basically, my day is just settling her over and over again so she can get some rest. I guess this is just her and I am learning to live with it. Oh, and she can go to sleep by herself too (well, sometimes). But this took a lot of crying and training. She is just one of those hard babies and the nurses made me feel so much better and helped me to undersand her more. I cant complain though, 5 hours is heaven compared to 1-4 hours of broken sleep. I also dont run to her when she wakes, I give her time but sometimes that does not work either.

I am forever learning!!