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Thread: Winter co-sleeping

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    Default Winter co-sleeping

    Lucas sleeps in the cot until about 4am when I bring him to our bed for a feed and sleep until DH gets up at 6:30. He's a wriggler in the cot and won't stay under the blankets so I put him in a sleeping bag or blanket suit, but I think he'd be too hot once he comes in with us if I leave it on and understanably he isn't patient about me delaying the boob while I get him out of the bag. We pull the covers up to his chest & I put a long sleeve top on to keep my sholders warm - DH manages to stay completely under the covers and barely stirs.

    So, I was wondering what other people do in winter.

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    Duvet over DS's legs, and my arm around him so he stays warm - my armdoes get cold, but it's not too bad. DS is a wriggle-bum too and once he's sleeping longer he'll be in a sleeping bag in his own bed and I'll re-settle him after a feed.

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    we put oscar right up the top of the bed, doona over his lower body, but he ends up next to my boob under the doona with just his face out, i have the doona skewed around my back so i don't get cold. when he was little i had him in the crook of my arm and the doona over him to his face. the doona never went over him, i think it is just instinct to be aware, even when asleep, to know if your baby is safe or not. i would wake and check him if DH moved but even he was aware where he was in the bed and none of us moved really. very warm and toasty.

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    Last winter DS would have the doona pulled up to his waist and since he slept in the crook of my arm I was aware of where he was and where the blankets were. I would alternate sides back then though so he would spend half the night sleeping in between DH and I and the other half of the night sleeping on the outside edge (in one of the anti roll things) with me in the middle and then I would keep him uncovered.
    This year things are trickier because he spends the whole night in the middle of the bed and he HATES having the covers over him. He kicks them off even if they are only on his legs but he gets too hot in a sleeping bag or even really warm pj's so for now he sleeps on top of the covers and I cover myself the best I can.

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