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Thread: Yasin put himself to sleep!!!

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    Default Yasin put himself to sleep!!!

    I just have to have a little woo hoo here because Yasin has just put himself to sleep!!!!! \/ =D> As a baby he was a bit difficult to get to sleep even with his hammock and after he got to big for his hammock he would only go to sleep when someone lay down next to him. He sleeps about half the time in his room and half the time in our bed. Recently he has had a thin mattress on the floor of his room that I've used to put him to sleep on and sometimes I transfer him to his cot and sometimes I leave him there with the barrier on his door so he can't get out if he wakes up.
    He must be used to the sleeping on the floor concept now because he just picked up his old wrap which is now his comforter and lay down on the floor next to me and went to sleep - without a dummy!!!!
    MIL has tried to pressure DH into using CC and I have had a few other 'helpful' people tell me I just have to let him cry occasionly so at the moment I feel like sticking my tongue out at the lot of them.
    There have been moments when I thought that I would have to comfort him to sleep until he moved out of home but after 13 months my little man has learnt how to lie down and go to sleep when he feels tired!!!! :sleeping:
    I just hope it continues.

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    Pietta Guest


    WOW Yasin whata champ!! You must be sooooo happy!! Keep it up little guy

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    Melinda Guest


    Well done Yasin!!!!

    And well done Dach, for sticking to your guns!!

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    Oh Yasin you are such a good boy! I feel like bringing out the cheering squad :smt038 :smt041

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