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    Hi Everyone I am 25 and have been TTC for about 10 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has previously been on the contraceptive needle. I think it is called Depoprovera. I was on for about 2 years then stopped taking it before my wedding because It was making me too bloated. I have now been off it fo around 27 months. After stopping taking the needle it took 23 months to get my period back. Then I had it for three cycles and started trying to get pregnany. Now my periods have disappeared again, and I know I am not pregnant, as I have done a million tests. Has anyone else had any experience with the drug, I seem to get a different response from every doctor I go to as to how long it will take to get back to a regular cycle. And does anyone know if it means that because I am not getting my period I am not ovulating, and therefore cant get pregnany. Me and my husband (he is 23) have been married for two years (we have done everything pretty fast) and we are desperate to have a baby!

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    Sorry Min I can`t help you but I`m sure there is a lady out there who can give you good advice.

    Good Luck with TTC it will happen.


    EDD: 29th April, 2005

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    Hi - the pamphlet in the depo box said that some of the women in their studies took up to two years to conceive after stopping the injections. Thats what put me off it.

    I had a similar thing with no period for four months after having the contraceptive implant taken out. I don't believe I ovulated during that period as I had no symptoms of that or PMT.

    I saw my doctor after three months and he said that 'they' like to give you six months to get your cycle back to normal and if nothing happens by then, you go on the pill for three months to force you to have a period (or AF as they're called around here). I didn't ask him about the ovulation/period thing, but there is a doctor running around this board so she should read this soon :-)


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    Hey Min

    I don't know anything about the contraceptive injection, but thought I would say welcome to BB

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    thanks guys, I must say this sight rock! although it is hard reading everyones stories about being pregnant when it is something I want so much now!

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    Hi Min,
    Welcome to BB.
    Can't help out much with your question. I was given the depo provera needle once, but only given a 1 month dosage. My Dr told me that 2% of women end up with AF until the needle wears off basically and I ended up being in that 2% ](*,)

    I do remember the pamphlet saying it could take about 18 months to conceive after coming off the needle though.

    Sorry I can't help you out, I'm sure there will be some one here who has a bit more experience with it.


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    Nov 2003

    i had the needle , though i only had it the once and never went back again as i couldnt stand what that dosage did to me, i went and saw my doc and told him we were gunna ttc so he put me on the pill to regulate my cycle as it was going blah after having the needle, so maybe u could suggest he put you on the pill for a couple of months? so went on the pill for four months after being off the injection for 2 yrs, long time i know but hey im not pregnant now so worked for me (2nd month coming off the pill).. good luck! i hope u can be sucessful soon

    take care

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    I had the Depo injection for 3 1/2 years. No AF in that time. After I stopped having it, it took 3 months for AF to return. My cycles came back reasonably regular (28,31,31,31,35) which is more regular than they were to begin with

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    This is an old post that has popped back up again, but certainly might be helpful to others.

    I havent personally had experience with it but a close friend had a lot of dramas. It took her over 2 years for AF to arrive at all, and then was very irregular for about 6 months or so. She wasnt trying for a baby but I advised her to see a fertility specialist anyway and he put her on some medication to try and regulate, and it did sort things out within a few months.

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    Nov 2005
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    hey guys, i was on depo needle for 3 years approx.

    after my last needle (which lasts 3 months) i got my AF back 3 months later.

    and ever since i have had regular cycles.

    it COULD be the reason why i am having so much trouble conceiving?

    but i am now on clomid to ensure ovulation so im not sure,

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    Smile Depoprovera

    hi Min.... i also had the depo injection from after my daughter was born ( may 05 ) until march 07 and then i stoped because i thought it would take not very long to get back into the swing of things.....
    i got preggers after forgetting the pill for about 2 weeks ??? so this has been a real surprise not to be able to get pregnant again....
    so anyways... i have nothing now.. no signs of periods.. no nothing.. i did have some period pain about 3 weeks ago and i thought i was right but NO !
    so im in the same boat... do we wait or do we go ask some questions ???
    seems silly to take the get regular but really defeating your main purpose doesnt it ?? but maybe it is logical ...

    what does everyone think ? does anyone know ??

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    Hi there
    i am also TTC after being on the injection for 9 mths. i had no AF at all while on injection. my doc told me that she would wait 6 mths of no AF before doing any tests, luckily it came after 5, but is still settling into a regular cycle. she also said to give it 12mths of TTC before starting any investigations. it has been six mths of TTC now and i'm starting to chart to try to determine if i'm O'ing. I fell pg with DS with no "trying" at all so i don't know if depo is to blame this time?
    anyway, i think i'd be asking your doc for some action Min just to be sure. I know if we were trying to avoid pg, we would say even if your not having AF you must assume you might get pg, but its harder when you want to get pg isn't it ? good luck
    i think the pill works by regulating your hormones, so gives your cycle a chance to settle into a pattern. it can also "force" a cycle, which might kickstart your natural one.