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    Good Evening,

    I always wondered what I should eat while TTC. Well I went to a naturopath on Wednesday and she gave me a "Fertility Program" diet. For all you other ladies who are interested, it says to:

    -eat lots of protein - 2 serves per day, Fish is best
    -Trim chicken (2-4/wk)
    -No Dairy
    -Red meat in moderation
    -Legumes / Grains / pulses / nuts / seeds
    -No saturated fats
    -only use olive & flaxseed, safflower & sunflower oil
    -Eat lots of vegetables each day (especially dark green leafy, red, orange & avocado - organic is best.
    -In salads add chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, watercress mint & all sprouts
    -avoid microwave cooking
    -avoid green potatoes
    -2-3 pieces of fruit / day
    -brown bread
    avoid all sweet things (sugar leaches nutrients from your body.
    -avoid alcohol & cigarettes (the obvious)
    -avoid coffee & have tea in moderation
    -8-12 glasses of purified water per day
    -No salt

    Also a nice tasting juice she has advised me to drink consists of 1 apple, 2 sticks of cellary, 1/2 small fresh beetroot, 1 carrot & 6cm of cucummber. I'ts a healthy little start to the day!

    Hope you find this as interesting as I did.

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    Sounds like healthy living. All the best and goodluck.


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