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    Exclamation * Going to the toilet after intercourse

    :-s Hi
    I have a question about how long you need to stay lying down after ttc,ive always got the urge to pee[always have] i cant usually make it to half an hour.

    Ive tried restricting fliuids before ttc,distracting myself afterwards etc....but i dont always make it.

    Just how important is it as we are trying to get this whole thing right.
    sorry for being a pain.

    Any advice would be great.
    thanks c

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    Hi C,

    They say 30 mins. But if you have the urge to pee, pee........otherwise you'll be so uncomfy, and it's not worth it.

    On our "afternoon of conception" we had to hop out of bed straight afterwards, as we were runing late for a Cricket Club Trivia Night (my social life is so scintilating!) so I didn't get the chance to stay horizontal at all, and that was the time we got lucky.................

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    cplath Guest

    Thanks Lucy your a gem,you have put my mind more at ease now.


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    Hello C,

    Just wanted to add - wanting to pee after BD'ing is a good idea anyway - less chance of bladder infections, as you're washing anything away that may have travelled up your urethra.
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    froofy Guest

    same here! i usually only last about 10 minutes.

    can i just add, last time we got pregnant, it took 3 months. the first 2 months we didnt have my legs elevated after the deed, the cycle where we got pregnant, i did raise my legs as long as possible! cant remember how long for lol!

    if fiance and i dont succeed this time, i might try to go longer with legs up, see if it does help. but it's soo tiring after a while!

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    Me too, 10 minutes and I have to go to!! So I ended up racing to the toilet and then racing back so I am not vertical too long! ROFL

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    Scarlett Guest

    I also need to...hmm pee after ttc and have been trying to stay flat, or raise legs for 30 minutes or so, but get really uncomfortble really quick, and bored so haven't been really successful at it. But (and haven't been successful at ttc yet so theory might not hold up) I figure that lots of people not trying end up pregnant and they wouldn't be lying there with feet up etc, so it must be ok not to be to fanatical about it. What do you think???

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    BellyBelly Member

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    I can put your mind at ease on that one.

    Although DP and I usually stayed horizontal for a while (afternoon naps: 3 or more hours of BD will tire you out ) I never raised my legs, as we weren't even trying to get PG, and I'm past 7 months now!

    I just figure it'll happen when it's meant to happen. I'm pretty sure I conceived the week after my period too, so I don't know what that is cycle wise, but I don't think I was ovulating! So just keep trying. As they say, practise makes perfect, and it's not like it's not fun trying!

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    purpley Guest

    Hi all, I am just getting acquainted with the forum and all the information here and came accross this one... how important do you think it really is to stay vertical after?

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    Aug 2006

    I made sure i went to the bathroom before and then didn't go until the next morning. I just fell asleep anyway so it wasn't that difficult. Mind over matter!

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    purpley Guest

    hehe, I think that might take a bit of practice with me. I am so very paranoid about UTI's that I virtually leap out of bed to the toilet!

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    Agree with all. Imagine if you could just throw away BCP and just go to the loo straight after to get rid of all those spermies! then you wouldn't need to spend money on contraception, you could just do it naturally.

    I think sperm comes out under such pressure that it can actually shoot for over a meter. So even if you "flush out" straight away, the little swimmers are already truly on their way.

    I say go to the loo and avoid the nasty urine infection, and let the swimmers do their work

    Good luck!

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    purpley Guest

    That is what I was thinking! lol... it would be far worse to get a UTI I think... I loved your metaphor there too about it shooting out hehe.