thread: * Low progesterone..

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    Jan 2004
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    Exclamation * Low progesterone..

    What next?
    Apparently even though I got "Ferning & LH surge" this month I did not produce a viable little egg.Because my progesterone level was 2.
    The blood test was taken 4 days after I got the other results.
    I just got back from mums, DH & I eager to do HPT as no AF which was -,
    Rang DR for results of blood test to find this out....
    What happens now? Is this the end?
    I don't go to see DR till 1 week after AF, but she hasn't showed up yet.I think I am slowly going insane............................ :mad:
    I am sorry to do this to you ladies but does anybody have any idea where we go to now?
    with tears STORM-xx-

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Storm,

    I'm certainly no expert, but as far as I knew, if it was believed that a person has low levels of progesterone, they can be prescribed progesterone pessaries or supplements of some description. I'm not sure whether this is something that is taken during the cycle or only when a PG is confirmed..........really not sure at all. I'd say a chat with your Doc about your progesterone levels and what can be done is in order - I'm sure there are things that can be done to help.

    Sorry I really haven't been of too much help, and I'm really not sure at all on the info here, so don't quote me!

    Good luck.

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    Jan 2004
    GONE MAD....back in 10!!

    I really don't know what is going on with me.
    Last night I noticed that my boobs were sore, so I took off my bra & as soon as I did they started leaking !
    I am currently at CD33, I usually have a 27 day cycle .
    Can you still fall pg with low progesterone?
    I have a DR appt at 4:15 this avro but that is soooo far away.
    Am thinking about getting a HPT but last weeks one was a BFN & I really don't have any other symptoms to add except late AF & leaky boobs
    ARGH what is going on?????

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    You poor thing. I know how frustrating it can be when you don't know what's going on inside your body. I think this one is a question for your GP though. You need high levels of progesterone to sustain a pregnancy, so with low progesterone, unfortunately it's going to be very difficult. You can be prescribed progesterone, I know a few BB girls are on meds for that but you really need to see your doctor about it. Perhaps you could ask to see a specialist, as the knowledge GP's have on the topic can vary greatly. Good luck - will be thinking of you.
    Kelly xx

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    Melinda Guest

    You poor thing, you must be so stressed ATM. Kelly is right, you need sufficient levels of progesterone to sustain a PG, and there are some people on this site who have been prescribed it.

    Going to your GP today is a great idea and I hope you get some answers about what is going on and what you can do about your progesterone levels.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Storm, how did your appointment go? I hope your gp was able to give you some answers. Loads of luck to you!

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    Jan 2004
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    Hi Again,

    well, to start with she did a pg test which was BFN, which I thought so anyway, but if no AF by next week I have to go back (that's what they all say)LOL!!
    As for the boobs ????? Could be this could be that Great info doc!!
    So now I sit & wait for the dreaded AF so I can go back to the Gyno & sort out the progesterone!!
    I am quite sure I will be sorted out soon & ready to go within the next few months.(Atleast this way we definately avoid having a baby around christmas time hey!!)
    Getting back to high spirits,....

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    Jan 2004
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    Oh well the dreaded AF has come to visit me this morning.
    I have suprised myself by being happy to see her LOL,
    but it means I can go ahead now & sort out all the annoying little problems I have.
    Looking forward to another cycle of TTC (not)

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    Nov 2003

    Hi Storm,

    Lots of luck for this cycle. Here's hoping that there's a BFP at the end of it for you!!