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    jbprincess Guest

    * Natural contraception??


    Well, sadly, DP and I have decided to put off TTC for about 2 years!! We want to wait until I have finished my study (starting in Feb next year) and until we have a house and a bit more money behind us, and are a bit older etc......

    So, as we know, I am not taking the pill anymore and it's been great!! I had so many problems on it last year (unexplained, mind you! - very costly gyno appts!). My question is - should I stay off the pill for the next couple of years and just use natural methods....observing EWCM, maybe using OPKS, and using condoms/withdrawal in fertile time??

    Or should I go back on the pill? I know that my cycles went back to normal 30 days this time after 2 months, but what if that doesn't happen next time I want to stop taking it to TTC? I really like being able to see what my cycles are naturally and not have to put extra hormones into my body, but is it fair to ask DP to use condoms, when I am the one who doesn't want to take the pill?

    If I was to fall pg before 2 years, would DP blame me for not going back on the pill (therefore, ruining our plans)?

    Sorry, VERY long-winded, but I would love some advice from you great ladies!!

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    BellyBelly Member

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    Hi Jb,

    Wow 2 years, thats great that you want to get yourselves set up before you have kids, great idea and you will thank yourself for it later im sure.
    As for the contraception thing, it depends on how you would be if you were to have an accident, and also DP. How do you think he would react?

    Your safest option is to go back onto the pill. It only took you a couple of months to get into a regular cycle this time so hopefully it will be the same next time. Seeing as you are aware of how long your first cycle went for you can stop taking the pill in enough time for you to start trying again (does that make sense?)

    But, saying that, i know alot of people who rely on natural contraception and it really works for them. But like i said, it all depends on how you and DP feel about the chance of getting pg. They say that the withdrawal method is only about 80% effective which i dont think is very reliable.
    I think if you were to use OPK's every month that would be pretty expensive!

    I hope i have given you some ideas etc. Please let me know how you go and dont be a stranger!!


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    Fee Guest

    I would feel safer on the pill personally. Or what about condoms?

    If you did want to try natural contraception there are some good books out there.

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    Resident Samsquanch

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    I use the billings method (CM) and have done so since Dec. We have been TTC but as we are trying for a girl we have been not BDing for a few days before O and keep being too early to get PG LOL!
    As we are in no rush it isn't a problem and I'm very confident in the billings method as a method of birth control. I guess you have to be prepared for an accident but the pill can fail too. I have very good signs for O so that helps as I definately know after I have O'd and we are right to go for it.
    I found the book to be excellent and have spoken to Dr Billings over the phone about my cycle. There are teachers around as well that can help you if you need it.

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    jbprincess Guest


    Thanks! DP talked last night and we decided to stay off the pill. We are going to use condoms around the fertile time of my cycle. As we know, nothing is 100% effective against pg (except not having sex!) so you always have to be prepared for it!

    I will keep an eye on my CM, but I is too hard for me to take daily temps. I had really good EWCM this month (CD17) so I'm hoping that I have this every cycle!

    Do you know where I can get this book? I think it would really help, and it would help DP to understand it all too! which I think is really important!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    Personally I wouldn't go back on the pill. I would simply use other forms during the fertile period.

    Seriously, when you chart and get to know your cycles....the amount of time you actually NEED protection doesn't warrant being on the pill IMO.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
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    Friend of mine said the best form of contraception is to put a 5 cent piece between your knees and keep it there! LOL.

    I have never been on the pill, and we used withdrawal right throughout the whole month, not just in fertile time. When we told the OB that, he said DH must be a man of steely discipline! hehehe. He did very well, we never had any 'accidents'.

    Having said that tho, it could have been a combination with my PCOS that stopped us ever falling pregnant.

    I'll just also quickly say that a friend of ours fell pregnant with twins while on the pill. So I wouldn't trust it! hehe. I know some people, even on the pill, use a condom during what would be a fertile time, just in case.

    Good on you for having talked it out and decided which way to go. At least if you did happen to have an accidental pregnancy, you know that you both want kids anyway, just that the timing would be a bit off.

    Good luck with all your plans!

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    jbprincess Guest


    Thanks! We also use the withdrawal method quite a bit, DP is very good at this (I think he likes it!). I would not be totally confident of this method tho I don't think - we will just see at the time, whether we want to use condoms or withdrawal.
    How long did you use withdrawal for, before you got pg??

    I printed out a booklet on Billings method yesterday and gave it to DP to read - he seemed very interested and I am glad that he can also understand the method (and fertile times!). Hopefully this will be a fun and interesting thing for us!

    You're right! - we do both want kids, just not yet. So if we were to have a 'surprise' we would both be very happy! We know the chances and risks etc. and it's great that this way, we can both be involved in following my cycle and being as careful as we can be.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
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    We did withdrawal for a few years. Then we started going for it "normally" towards the end of last year. But this was in the middle of me having no AF due to pcos (it stopped last July until April this year!) Once the OB got my cycle going again, we got pg pretty quickly. So it's hard to say if it was DH's discipline that prevented an earlier pg, or if it was coz of my pcos that I probably wouldn't have got pg anyway.

    I think if you're going to continue to chart, and if you know your cycles well, you should be right I always had such irregular periods, and of course never charted back then, so DH was made to pull out all the time coz I had no idea if I'd be fertile or not.

    I might add tho, that if we were inclined to BD more than once in a short space of time, he'd wear a condom the next time, because I read that left over spermies in the tubes can come out before he even goes the next time. We were always careful with that. So it's not always DH failing to pull out in time that causes withdrawal method to fail.

    Anyway.. sorry if that was all a bit TMI! 8-[

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    jbprincess Guest

    No, thats fine! Thanks

    I printed out some charts as well that I will start next cycle. AF is due any day now...... I saw EWCM on CD16 or 17 and today is CD31 so I'm hoping that AF will show up soon actually!!

    I will be keeping the chart of my daily CM observations and we will either use condoms or withdrawal on the fertile days. It should be easy enough if my cycles are regular, which I think they are.... last one was 30 days, they were always regular before being on the pill and going from when I O'd this cycle, it should be about the same.

    I'm starting to get a bit nervous actually, that AF hasnt showed up!! Im not quite sure of my luteal phase (coz I dont know when I O'd last cycle - just that I got AF on CD30)...... My CM has been quite wet and creamy last few days and I keep thinking AF is there but its not! I did take a HPT this morning (ebay one) and it was BFN, so Im not sure.....

    (Coz we BD on CD20 - which would've been about 3 days after O)...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
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    hehe... well if you get a BFP.. that'll change all your plans right back to where were you before!

    I guess that's one thing with natural contraceptive methods... you get a bit nervous at the end of each cycle.

    With regular cycles and charting you'll probably be nice & safe Good luck with all your plans!

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    jbprincess Guest

    Thanks again!

    Do you think maybe there is a chance I am pg? What kinda symptoms did you have? What CD did you BD?

    I just thought AF should be here by now if I O'd on CD17!! I don't have any symptoms to make me worried...... only white, creamy CM, AF pains and NO AF!

    I thought it was safe to BD after O? I definitely saw EWCM on CD17, and BD on CD20 I thought would be fine? Im sure I am not pg, but I just wish AF would hurry up!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
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    I'm afraid my symptoms will probably make you more nervous about being pg... coz I had none! LOL. In fact.. normally after O I would get sore boobs up until AF, but I had nothing! I guess looking back, I had a couple of day naps which is unusual for me, so the tiredness was starting to kick in, but thats about it. No cramping, no extra CM, no extra thermal shift in my chart.

    I O'd on CD 13, and BD'd before and on that day (but we were definitely ttc'ing then). I tested a very very very faint positive on CD27. The tests didn't really darken for another week or so.

    If you definitely o'd on that day, I'm pretty sure the egg doesn't last very long, so you might be safe.

    I don't know whether to wish you a BFP or not! hehe. As lovely as it would be for you, I know you've just rearranged all your plans to wait a couple of years. I hope you're not left hanging for too long!

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    jbprincess Guest

    Haha! Wish a BFN for me!!

    Everything I have read/heard says that I should be fine if we BD 3 days after O

    But, if the normal luteal phase is 14 days, then AF should come today! I'm probably speaking too soon, and I will go to the bathroom and AF will be there!! Last time I checked tho, it was just white CM.

    I cant actually remember whether my CM usually dries up just before AF, or whether it is normally like this! But I have also been hell tired the last couple of days and Ive been getting same amounts of sleep...... but I have been getting pains every now and then like AF is coming.

    Anyway, I will let you know what happens! Here's hoping AF comes soon!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    NSW South Coast

    Good luck JB,
    im sure you will be happy either way!!! let me know how you go.

    I am tempted to take a break from TTC after this month too. Coming up to christmas and all it would just be way too much stress for me. The stress of christmas sends me mad already let alone if i was TTC aswell!!! AAAAAGH. But we will see how we go, im sure it will be hard to stop.


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    jbprincess Guest

    Yeah, it's hard to get it off your mind! Even now that we have decided to wait until TTC, I still find myself analysing everything and wondering if there is a possibility I could be pg!! lol

    I would love it to happen anytime between now and the next 2 years, but it will happen when its meant to! And I will be happy whenever that is! Hoping DP will be happy as well

    I decided to pretend my sisters pg is my own!! LOL....
    Since she is single and needs a lot of support from me. I am going along to all her u/s appts and she even wants me to be there when she gives birth! And once she has the baby in March, she won't be able to get rid of me!!....... I will want to babysit all the time! It will be good practice for me and DP, and maybe I will be able to see how he is with her baby and guage his reaction if I was to get pg!

    Wishing you the best of luck, just let it go and it will happen...... no stress!! Keep in touch pet!!

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    jbprincess Guest

    Oh, Tulip - yes our situation is very similar!!

    If i were you I would read up on the Billings method - this is about charting by observing your CM. You could also go to Fertility Friend website if you want to chart by taking temps as well.

    By the way - an egg won't be released randomly at any time!! An egg will only be released when you are ovulating - which you can detect by checking your CM, taking your temp and using an OPK.

    I printed off some of the info about Billings method (just do a google search) to show DP and he was really interested!! Now that we are both aware of how it works, we are both responsible for adhering to it!

    You could also look into taking Vitex to help regulate your cycle, because it is herbal. The liquid form is apparently better than the pills (but tastes horrible!). I am lucky that my cycles have gone back to normal after 3 cycles off the pill.

    Good luck. Just talk to your partner a bit more (armed with info!!). Keep in touch. I hope I have helped you a bit!

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    jbprincess Guest


    Exactly!! - nothing is 100% 'safe'. I didn't buy the book, I just printed out the booklet from the website and did up some of my own charts. Maybe your DH will take it more seriously if you get the book? (so he knows its more reliable). I haven't worried about working with a teacher, but maybe that will reassure your DH more as well?

    I know exactly what you mean tho.... my DP is worried about getting pg now, coz he really wants to be financially secure first and do a few more things (go overseas snowboarding, buy a new car etc..) but I wouldn't mind at all if it was to happen now!
    But, in saying that, I also don't know how he would react if I was pg, I would feel to blame coz I am the one who stopped taking the pill. So, yeah, thats why I contemplated going back on it. But, we talked, and came to this decision together and we will work towards this together and both try when we are both ready.

    Good luck!