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    Chrissiegee Guest

    * Rhesys Factor

    Hi Everyone
    I'm quite new at this and wondering if anyone knows anything about the Rhesys factor. Am probably spelling that totally wrong but basically when you have negative blood.
    I am currently TTC our first child. About six years ago I suffered a miscarriage, but didn't know I was pregnant at the time, so didn't go to the DR until about 3 weeks later. Dr told me I needed an anti-D shot but said your supposed to have it within 72 hours, and since I had it 3 weeks late, said - and I quote - "this will cause any future children you concieve to have gross deformaties". I have since had second opinions who tell me this is wrong and yadda yadda. But still don't know much about it.

    Anyone have any insight for me or have been through this themself?? Please help - I tend to work myself into a mental state with worry.

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    I am also rhesus negative.

    Okay from what I know, say for example you have a baby with postive blood, which then bleeds in-utero.

    Your body may form anitbodies to this blood type which in future pregnancies may mean that your body can reject the baby.

    I had the anti-D after DD and now with this pg I have to be careful with any bleeding etc.

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    And also, check with your doctor but I am sure with your next pregnancy they will be very diligent with blood tests etc. They will know whether your body has built up antibodies etc.

    Hugs...try not to worry. I'm sure it will all be fine

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    woozie Guest

    just wanted to let you know that my mum is rhesis negative. She has had 3 healthy children, no deformaties at all.
    What a rotten Dr to say something as frightening as that to you.
    Good Luck on your ttc journey

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I just did a "google" search on this and I had no idea that I was rehsius negative. I remember my mum saying to me that nothing really happens unless your partner is also negative, is this true?

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    Sep 2004

    Actually Tamara, the problems occur if your partner is positive and you are negative.

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Ohhhhh, well looks like Alan may be visiting the doctors.

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    Fee Guest

    I'm negative and DH is positive. My mum is negative and my dad is positive. My sister and I turned out fine! I'm sure I read that there can be more problems with your second child???

    Anyway, I think if you are 'Rhesus negative' and you miscarry you may need an injection of 'anti-D immunoglobulin' within 72 hours after the miscarriage.

    I found this info:

    Anti-D immunoglobulin is aimed at preventing the woman from developing antibodies in her blood stream (also known as agglutinins'). It is possible for this to happen if a woman with a 'negative' blood group conceives a baby with a 'positive' blood group. The incidence of a woman developing antibodies through miscarriage is thought to be up to 7% if the miscarriage occurs during the first 13 weeks of the pregnancy and up to 20% for miscarriages after 13 weeks.

    Do a Google on 'Rhesus negative' - there are lots of articles about. I think there may even be one on Belly Belly...

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    Ohhhhh, well looks like Alan may be visiting the doctors.
    From what I know (definately the docs where I am from), they wont worry about Alans blood type. They used to but too many times they turned out not to be the father so apparently they don't worry about testing the father now.

    With DD I just had regular blood tests to make sure my body wasn't building antibodies and then when DD was born, they found out her blood type and I had to have Anti-D cause she was o-positive.

    But yes if Alan had negative blood then the two of you will have a negative baby and there'll be nothing to worry about!


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    I am rhesus negative also, there is an article on the main site here:
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    Chrissiegee Guest

    Thanks everyone for all your help.

    Getinmybelly thanks for that link, it was excellent. I feel very calm now!

    The whole regular blood tests thing freaks me out a bit but is well worth it I suppose.
    Your guys are all so supportive and nice! Thanks so much