thread: * Seeking positive stories about coming off pill

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005

    Exclamation * Seeking positive stories about coming off pill

    I am due to stop BCP in 2 weeks time and have read HEAPS of post about people waiting forever for AF to return and irregular cycles and so on. I want to hear from anyone who had a good experience when they came off the pill as I am feeling a little stressed about the whole thing.

    Surely there are some people out there who returned to a regular cycle and fell pregnant within 6 months????????

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    Me x 2

    I came of the pill had AF and 10 days later was pregnant with my first born.

    2nd time I came off the pill my cycles did got out to around 35 days but I was pregnant within 4 mths (3 mths of actively trying)


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    Jun 2005


    I came off the pill 13 may, had AF on 17 may (really heavy), and fell pregnant within 2 weeks . This is how we conceived #1 as well. I had no idea when i was/would ovulate, so we just bed every 2nd, or 3rd night.
    In saying that, i have been told that im pretty fertile (whatever that means)......

    Good Luck...

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    Fee Guest

    I came off the pill about 3 weeks ago and am hoping that AF arrives as per usual next Wednesday! That said, we're not TTC until December.

    From what I've heard maybe it's a good idea to say on the pill until the last minute. Apparently you only need to have at least one AF off the pill before TTC. I've often heard that women who were on the pill fall pg faster than those who were not on it.

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    mizzsocial Guest

    I came off the pill Last JANUARY and fell pregnant in MARCH with my son.. and now, i just came off the pill in March, and my cycles are all out of wack and ive been actively TTC for 4 months :evil:

    SO the 1st time it was fine, and now i am having problems..

    But dont stress about it, it may take a little longer it may not..

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    Mar 2004

    I came off the pill in december 03. I was in QLD for most of that cycle so DH and I didn't get the chance to BD very often but on my second cycle off the pill I got a BFP.
    My sister decided to stop taking the pill and a about a week later she was feeling a bit off so she went to see her Dr who told her that she wasn't sick - just pregnant.
    I think that in many cases the pill doesn't cause issues - it just masks them and when people stop taking it and they notice the problems they naturaly blame the pill.

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    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Hi - I had regular cycles straight away after stopping the pill and was pregnant about three months later.

    Good Luck


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    Feb 2005

    I went of the pill in April (to be exact I took my last pill on Sunday 24 April) and this has been my cycle since then:

    1. 25 day cycle
    2. 50 day cycle 8-[
    3. Currently on day 13 of my current cycle

    I was also really concerned about coming of the Pill (was on the pill for 6 years) but now feel more relaxed. I am keeping a chart and recording my mucus & length of cycles and hopefully this will help with getting to know my body without being dictated by the contraceptive pill.

    One thing I have noticed is how intense my period is now. TMI sorry - how red the blood is & how heavy it is, etc. Just really shows how superficial the pill is!!!

    My GP explained that the Pill actually puts your ovaries to sleep and it takes awhile when you get off the pill for your ovaries to wake up and start working on their own. To me this makes a lot of sense.

    Try and not let it get to you. My advice is to start charting everything as soon as you stop taking the pill and you should start to see a pattern.

    Another bonus is I have dropped 3 kilos and don’t feel as bloated as what I was feeling when I was on the Pill. :smt082

    All the best.


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    Jan 2005
    North Queensland

    I took my last pill on NYE, had AF on 4 January, then another on 10 February then BFP in early March!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Hey Bethany!

    When I came off the pill I went straight back to my normal 30 day cycles that I had before it.

    Won't comment on the other part of your question though as we have male infertility issues

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    Nov 2004

    Hi Bethany,

    I went off the pill and ovulated the first month and every month after that. Body was like clockwork...we did pre-conception care for 6 months prior to TTC and practiced natural fertility for that time (Billings and temps). Fell pg on the first attempt.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    Whilst cant answer the preg part, my cycles have pretty much jumped back to normal. Had one exactly a month after, one more, and another should be coming up soon..

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    Mar 2005

    I'm one of the lucky ones that didn't get a chance for her cycle to return as I got a straight away. In saying that an ultrasound confirmed that I was still ovulating whilst on the pill.

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    TracyD Guest

    Wow, great positive stories! I have 2 friends who had no problems getting pregnant after stopping BCPs. The first one had a cyst on one of her ovaries a few years prior, and had to have the entire ovary removed. So she decided that she would stop taking her BCPs even before she told DH that she stopped because she thought it would take several months to get PG (with only 1 ovary). Wrong, she was pregnant the following month! The other has 2 children, and neither of them took longer than 3 months off the pill! Some women's bodies just adapt much faster than others I guess. Lucky them!

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    Tachi77 Guest

    I have been off the pill since February 2005. My cycles have been as follow:

    29 day cycle
    28 day cycle
    38 day cycle
    32 day cycle
    35 day cycle

    I was told it could take months for my cycles to get regular and up to a year to get pregnant after getting off the pill, I was hoping I would conceive straight away but that has not been the case....its been 5 months and nothing as yet. I try not to get discouraged but it takes the better of me at times!. Nothing else to do but keep trying I guess.

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    Jun 2005
    NSW South Coast

    HI Bethany,

    I have just completed my first cycle off the pill and Af returned after 28 Days so you have to be happy with that.

    I am currently TTC at the moment and hopefully will be pg very soon!


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Hi Bethany

    My story goes back 12 months ago.

    I stopped the pill on 21st July, AF arrived on 23rd July, I conceived my little boy on 4th Aug which was on CD13.

    So as you can see I received my BFP on the first month of TTC.

    Take Care


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    kate_h Guest

    I conceived my first child within 3 months of coming off the pill

    My second child came as a result of ONE SINGLE MISSED PILL at the start of the month! I carried on taking the pill for ages coz I didn't know I was pregnant!

    My third child came in the first month off the pill.

    Now I'm on day 13 of my first cycle off the pill. My chart says I've been fertile for 5 days, and am now waiting to ovulate (should be today or tomorrow). Fingers crossed this one happens just as quickly!

    I think its often said to not expect to fall pregnant in the first few months, just so that there aren't so many strung out TTCers, although I've been lucky, I've seen how stressful it is for others when they get their hopes up but then AF comes.

    Good luck to you in your TTC journey!

    x Kate