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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Exclamation * Timing of Intercourse for Conception

    Hi guys,
    I just thought I would get some of your opinions about timing of BD. The last few months I am pretty confident that we have been BDing at the right time (and sufficiently enough :wink: ) but I was wondering what your thoughts were about the viability of sperm. Is it more of a hinderance to have too much BD before the optimum time?
    For example, I usually 'O' around CD17 or 18. We try to start the BDing at about CD14 just to make sure. Should I really be holding off until about CD16 so that the sperm is more viable? Or am I just being really silly?
    Sometimes when we BD well before "O" (usually once AF is finished because DH is 'missing' me), I feel like it is a waste and that we should be holding those puppies in until they can be used. Maybe the longer they wait, the more keen they will be for some egg!
    Let me know what you think.

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    I'm no expert on this - I guess who can be when all our bodies have their own minds in these things!! But considering sperm can survive three days you'd think it would be okay. I did read somewhere though that it's best not to BD constantly LOL! Like dh would be lucky enough for that pffft!!! LMAO.
    Kelly xx

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    The theory goes like this, you wait too long and the sperm becomes less potent, and if you do it too often same thing applies. So the best is every 2-3 days says my dr



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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hehe, thanks guys... the question only occured to me today. After all, what we are doing isn't working so maybe another approach is required.
    I might just try to get DH to hold off the BD until at least CD14 then we can go at it like rabbits,
    As for BDing constantly Kelly, my DH would consider that a punishment. It has to be his idea otherwise it's a chore. :roll: If he says "I am a mere sperm-bank" one more time, I'll scream! :x

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    mummyspunkrat Guest

    Thanks all!!
    This had been helpful for me to. It is all well and good to know when o happens, but getting everything in the right place at the right time is another matter!! I think we might try BDing every 2 days from CD9, I o around CD14.
    Wishing everyone luck!!


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    Glad the girls could be off service to you as well mummyspunkrat. It is great having all this sort of information available at your fingertips or click of the mouse

    Love :smt049