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    Default * Vasectomy reversal

    Hi everyone

    My husband had a vasectomy before we met and now we want to have a child of our own.

    Does anyone know any further information such as the costs involved with the reversal, success rates etc?

    Any information would really be appreciated!


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    My brother in law is currently looking into this himself. He mentioned to me that is costs around $5000. I'm sure price varies greatly though. I'm not sure on the success rate. I suppose it depends on how well/neat the job was done in the first place.

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    A friend of mine is just going thru all this. Success rates change with the amount of time that has passed since the vasectomy. I have seen some tables about this on the internet but can't remember where.

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    Default DH actually had a vasectomy reversal in febuary of last year and we fell pregnant in was successful for us. I think success rates vary depending on how long ago the vasectomy had actually been done. Ours had been done 4 years ago so our chances of conceiving were quite high. I am in WA and for us the total costs were around $2800 which was way less than we no doubt will vary state to state. My DH did have to stay overnight..and was in pain for about a week afterwards where he did have to take it quite easy...he did say it was more than the vasectomy itself. Goodluck on your ttc journey!!!!


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    Smile RE: Vasectomy reversal

    I am responding to your message on vasectomy reversal in Perth W.A.
    Can you please advise which doctor performed the reversal or how I can contact him, as we are keen to go and see him.
    We also have changed our minds, and need to fullfil our dream of another addition.
    I would appreciate anyones help in this matter

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    I found your thread whilst searching for information regarding Vasectomy Reversal's in Perth. Have you been successful in finding someone to perform this and what are the costs involved. My husband is looking into having his reversed after having a Vasectomy in 2003.
    Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dr Woolcott comes to Perth Hollywood Hospital. Were booked in to have 2nd reversal done.
    His costs are $4100 for himself paid on booking , He uses an assistant dont know if we'll get billed later on???? Anesthestist is $840(prepaid) as it is a almost 2 hour op. I am hoping to get back $1500 from Medicare. My private health will pay for overnight stay. But i expect ill be out of pocket $3500
    Wish us luck!

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