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Thread: 1 Week Late For Af Now Soft Spasm's?

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    Smile 1 Week Late For Af Now Soft Spasm's?

    Hi all,
    Im making a new threat for this, hope that ok. So still no AF, I woke up this morning and since i have been up I have experiencing what I can only explain as soft spasms in the pelvic region. They are not sharp or intense as a normal spasm, more like repetative movement.
    Any ideas, has anyone else experienced this and does it indicate anything...


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    I am sorry I cant say I have had this feeling. Have you done a HPT? Maybe this would put your mind at ease

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    Would you describe it as a soft "vibrating"? I usually get this around ovulation and again when AF is due. I have put it down to the uterine lining undergoing some sort of change.

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    i would still explain it is as soft spasms, not the normaly bubbly feeling when AF is coming. I have never felt it befor. please refer to my new post, i done the hpt. it comes and goes, mostly i can feel it when i have been sat still for some time.

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