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    Hi all,
    I am very new to this whole forum thing but i have been browsing for quite some time. i am currently in my 4th month TTC after coming off bc. i also suffer from endometriosis which i know can complicate things alot, i am currently 10 DPO (ovulated on the 26th i think) an up until today i have felt nothing!!!!!! the only thing i have today is just feeling generally off but that could be anything! i have felt more "symptoms" in previous months! it is rather frustrating i must say! i tested this am with a cheapy hpt and got a BFN . anyone think i may still be in with a chance this month?

    Best of luck to you all

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    If you ovulated 7/26, you would be about.... 24DPO right now. I'm 23DPO myself actually. It's not common, but possible that your hormones are kinda out of wack and you COULD be pg just not have enough hcg in your urine to show.

    If you are only 10DPO though, you want to wait another 5 days likely and test again. You'll have a much better chance at a BFP then if you are in deed UTD. Good luck with everything either way!

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    was your last af the 26th? and Ovulate on the 9th / 10th August?

    I would test again in a week... just to make sure.

    baby dust to you Critta xx

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