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Thread: 101 symptoms to drive yourself insane

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    I am almost driving myself insane which I am sure all of us in their TWW wait- analysing every possible thing!!! Arrgghhh, feel so much better being on here because my husband is worried I could be imagining I am PG and only become very disappointed again to receive a BFN. However today I am now 10DPO and I still have the increased CM, but late yesterday arvo/evening I had dull period like pains (and I know I def wasn't imagining it) and for the days before the pain felt like it was in my right side but I wasn't sure whether this was muscular or just from the gym. I hardly get AF pain and if I do it is on the start day and clears off after a few passing hours. Also, my boobs are fuller- can't say extremely sore, nipples are tender but they have blue veins through them and the nipple is enlarged- so in other words not very attractive. I have been constantly checking for slight blood but nothing- only last night the CM had a yellow tinge in it and I suppose now when I think about it it reminds me of thrush TMI. I had thrush last time too b4 I M/C'd. I also am having odd cramps in my groin and the odd heartburn attack which really comes from no where. Is anyone having similar symptoms? and do you think the signs are good for a BFP or a BFDisappointment?

    I forgot to add, I think I have slightly lost my appitite, I notice that cause I rarely suffer from that it is normally the other way around.

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    Hmmm, I think it does sound promising for you. Cramps are a tricky one cause they can mean AF and they can mean a pg - the uterus has some serious growing to do so it isn't unusual to get cramps from it growing. Fingers crossed you get to make an announcement soon.

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    Come join a TTC buddy group ... plenty of other people in the same situation as you and may be able to offer more advice on symptoms. There are several other people in the TWW who will know exactly how you feel. I'm still waiting for ovulation so getting psyched up for a bit of egg catching!

    Good luck over the next few days ...

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