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Thread: 15DPO BFN

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    12bliss Guest

    Question 15DPO BFN

    I know i have written in here a couple of times but im having trouble trying to work out whats wrong.

    After doing some research on how long AF should arrive after O'ing she should have came yesterday.

    She didnt and im not getting any cramps like she is gonna be here soon. about a week ago i had really painful cramps like she was coming, but no bleeding, and still negatives on my HPT's i dont know why this is happening and want to know if anyone else experienced this too. It was my first cycle of clomid this month and i didnt ovulate til CD18 on it, so maybe its something to do with that? But shouldnt Clomid shorten the cycle not lengthen it. I am pretty sure its not pregnancy now, but how i feel now its like AF wont be here for a while and thats strange.

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    Aussie_Chik Guest


    Hi 12bliss

    I'm really sorry you are feeling so confused by what is going on with your body at the moment. I once had a cycle (natural) where I was charting and using OPK's got a positive and the right CM but AF didn't come til 17dpo. I think I didn't actually O!!! Anyway, not saying this is the same for you but, I was wondering if you think you should have a progesterone blood test and maybe HCG while you're there. This will give you an indication of where you're at in your cycle. I had a progesterone test done recently at 7dpo that showed a dramatic dip and was told AF would be imminent, she showed up the next day!

    I really hope you find out some answers soon.

    All the best.

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