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    Hi all. It has been a few weeks since I posted. Well here is my update. I take 2 more days of BCP then on May 4 go to docs office to get B/w and Internal U/S, then if doc says that night I start to my straight injectiables of Gonal F and menopur combination. They say they will monitor me closely and then when Docs office tells me to HCG we will then next day insemination and day after that then I will be in the TWW. I [-o< this will be my positive. I live in the US and have insurance but it does not cover any infertility treatments or infertility drugs.... That sucks :-[ Oh well I am glad that I am able to pull this cycle by myself and once again I pray.... How is everyone doing?? Anyone heard from Margz??? Suzi Q and how are U??

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    Tia, I hope this is the one for you! Sound slike thay are pulling out the big guns this cycle!

    I look forward to hearing about a BFP VERY soon!


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