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    Default 2 question if i may

    Ok the story first....

    I have a 9 and a half month old DD who I still BF 4 times a day. I have had 5 AF since giving birth and each time it has been 1 day of spotting and 2-3 days of VERY heavy bleeding that stops suddenly. All my cyles have been 32-35 days long. In these cycles I always O after about 2 weeks and have a 3 week luteal phase.

    The last AF I had (28 days ago) was different. It was 2 days spotting and 2 days light bleeding. A week after AF finished I got light spotting for an hour. I know I O about day 13-14 because of ovulation pain. As I said I am now on day 28 of my cycle. Today I have started to spot just lightly.

    The REALLY weird thing is that I have had little flutter feelings like the first kicks. They have been going on for about 1 week. I know I'm imagining that they are kicks and I'm probably noticing my gas for the first time is freaky anyway!

    The other thing is that my nipples have become sore all of a sudden and it is very uncomfortable to BF.

    So I caved today and bought a first response HPT. It came back -ive. I would have bet my life I was preg. Obviously not though!!! I would even have bet something smaller on the fact that I was maybe very preg... maybe this was just wishful thinking though.

    So the 2 questions are:
    1) firstly regarding the spotting. I have a REALLY bad cough. I'm coughing almost constantly. Can a cough cause spotting if I am early in preg.
    2) could this just be a really weird cycle? If so how long until they settle do you think?

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    I got my af back when DS was 8mths old and was BF at least 6times a day and my cycles were generally pretty even but I got some weird ones too (longer and shorter, lighter adn heavier). i think I ended up doing 4-5 HPT as I was sure I was pg. i got those phantom kicks too and have heard lots of previous pg women wonder if they are pg because they get them too, they feel so real don't they.

    I guess the only way to know is to wait a few more days and test again. Hope you get some answers soon.

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    Hey Missymoos,
    I agree with Saram, although I have never been pg, I get flutter feelings in my tummy a far bit, and often have PG symptoms even though I have always been on BCP and take it religiously (sore BBs, nausea, feeling emotional, etc). I have even done HPTs in the past to eliminate the possibility, as I have heard you can still get AF during pg, and I have gotten a bit paranoid, LOL.

    Try again in a couple of days and see if you get BFP,

    Good luck!

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