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    Question 2nd Baby

    This is probably in the wrong section.

    Before we start to TTC #2, just wondering how long after #1 did you try again and why? Did you still enjoy enough baby time with #1? Did you wait longer to have more time one-on-one with the first, so that when #2 comes along, #1 will be more able to look after/play by him/herself, or even longer so that he/she can help you out?

    I just don't know when we should start, as Jensen is our first and eventually would like a brother or sister for him.

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    Well imidiatley after we had DS i knew i wanted another bubs. We werent sure when but like many like the idea of #1 having a brother or sister(s).....

    6 months after DS was born i fell preg but miscarried at 8 weeks... we were planning on trying when DS was 1.5 yrs. Well another MC after 11 months and still trying we found out at the begining of the year we couldnt have anymore (i have an ovary problem....

    Well beyond our belief and the docs i fel preg in august last year and am 31 weeks preg with #2 which will be a gap of 3.4 yrs...

    Looking back- things have worked out for us nicely... DS (although a little monster) can at least entertain himself, understands more and is able to help out a little (like picking up after himself etc...)

    It was great to have the chance to see everyone of his "FIRSTS" i still would have like to have a smaller gap as it has felt like such a long time TTC but i think its just a personal thing- your ready when your ready... have friends who have small gaps and arent coping well- (2 in nappies, etc) but i think its up to the individual wether they handle the situation or not...

    Good luck...

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    For me, I knew I wanted to wait a bit before I tried for #2 but not have a huge gap between them either. My eldest turned 2 then the second was born 2 months after. So at the moment they are 4 and almost 2, now we are trying for #3 and hopefully he or she will be born before the end of the year - that way they all have 2 years between them and their birth years are 04, 06 and 08 - I love even numbers which means I will have to have another baby in 10! lol that sounds and looks funny.

    I had no drama's with having two kids in nappies, and as my eldest got older he helped me with the baby, it was so cute to watch him bottle feed his little brother. He never got jealous of the baby and in my opinion we all spent plenty of quality time together.

    I suppose it's a personal thing and you will know when the time is right for your family.

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