thread: 49 Day cycle!!??

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    Apr 2009

    Post 49 Day cycle!!??

    Hi All
    Does anyone know if a 49 day cycle is the sign of something wrong? it used to be 35 days until I miscarried in OCT 08. A little worried as all the ovulation calenders only go upto a max of 45 days, and stating the normal ranges as 26-35days.

    Thanks in advance x

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    Jul 2007

    I have always had crazy long, irregular, cycles, but had never really looked in to the cause... then I got pregnant (unexpectedly) with my DD, and breastfed her for 18 months. I got AF back when DD was 11 months old, and I had quite regular cycles of between 57 and 60 days! Since DD self weaned, we are TTC #2 now, and since I want a "normal" cycle, I went to an acupuncturist, and have been taking Vitex (blackmores brand, from big chemists...). I have now had two 30 days cycles, for probably the first time in my life!! My acupuncturist thinks my long cycles were due to low progesterone, or just a general hormonal imbalance - I don't think I have polycystic ovaries or anything...

    There is quite a bit online about Vitex - good and bad - but for me it has really seemed to work. It says on the bottle that its for hormone regulation, and PMS etc.

    Good luck. I know how annoying it is..