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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry don't know if this is the right place to post this but wasn't too sure where else it would go.

    The last few days i have been feeling so exhausted for no apparent reason, i am getting enough sleep at night as my two girls are sleeping through now. At first i thought i might be pregnant as it's the only time i feel like this but i have had 2 negative tests. My tummy normally bloats (sp?) abit before my preiod but at the moment it seems to be twice the size and just seems different. I kinda feel silly asking as i have had two kids but i am just abit confused. Just hoping that someone might be able to help me solve my little problem.


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    Maybe its just too early for the test to pick up pregnancy? Maybe test again in a few days when is AF due? Otherwise maybe just go to the drs

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    Thanks Jas,

    Well AF is due in the next few days so maybe i did test abit too early, i just didn't think you could get pregnancy signs that early. If the hpt comes up negitive again i'll go to the Doc's, i hate not knowing whats going on with my body.

    Thanks again.

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