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Thread: Acupuncture to bing back AF??

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    Unhappy Acupuncture to bing back AF??

    So...its now been about 5 months since coming off BCP and still no sign of AF or Ov. Iv been charting, temping, doing yoga, mayan massage, acupressure and taking a large number of herbal suppliments to help bring my cycle back to normal but still nothing!
    And its doing my head in!! not to mention being extremely depressed and emotional...... that could be partly because im doing a liver cleanse tho so all the excess hormones and built up toxins are being release...well hopefully anyway.

    But im just about at the end of it, i am very impatient but i think its been long enough and i really want to be normal again so we can get pregnant again! So i was wondering if anyone thinks that acupuncture will help or "fix" me? I have heard some good success stories and im keen to try anything natural that will help!

    At least i know now that im never going to take bcps again and that the body's natural cycle is not to be messed with! I just wish i was better informed before i started taking the pill.

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    Summermummy - What a great question!! I was thinking about this the other day.. though I am BF'ing.... be interested to hear what the ladies have to say... Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time!

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