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    Just wondering if anyone knows... I got my AF Back about 7 weeks ago for the first time since with birth of my baby last June. I havent had it since this normal between AF's? Or could I be pregnant?

    TIA Jen!

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    are you breastfeeding?
    have you tested for a BFP?
    How regular were you pre baby? I know it can take a couple of cycles to get regular again....

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    Yeah same here, regular AF once it was back!! Preg test is in order I think!!

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    I just did a preg test and got a so i am definatly not pregnant.. just AF taking its time.

    I am actually glad because DH would have been overseas for a month when the baby would have been due.. Probably just irregular period after birth .. Im still breatfeeding so perhaps my body is confused!

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