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Thread: AF arrived 1 week early !!!!!

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    Default AF arrived 1 week early !!!!!

    I was very dissapointed that AF arrived on the weekend 1 week early with no pre warning. I was almost sure i felt so different this time round, with really sore B's and frequent loo trips. I am usually regular 35 day cycle but this time round 28 days.
    I just feel that all this is way to hard, trying to figure out what your body is doing, trying to plan everything.

    Might take a break using OPK etc. I feel really drained.

    Never thought it would be so hard. Especially with 2 of my closest friends pregnant. Why can't it be easy for me??

    Well going to have a LAP done in a couple of weeks, hopefully that will ease my mind.

    Just wanted to share.

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    Oh Sammy hugs....

    I am not too sure what your last cycles were, but a 28 day cycle is a good thing!!

    I really really hope you catch the egg next month. And I promise it will happen for you.

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