thread: Af late, because of loss last month?

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    Af late, because of loss last month?

    I am so confused.

    the doctor reckons that the heavy AF I had, and I described it to her, that it was a miscarriage. That the clots were part of the placenta.

    I can't even work out the day we may have even gotten pregnant! It's confusing.
    This is how the months unfolded.... stick with me here.. (I'm trying to write this sneakily at work!)

    We dtd twice in April unprotected - neither in the 'fertile' period. 2nd and 3rd May, I had nausea. 14th May I had a pg test (not specifically for pg, but before I had a vaccination). It was negative.
    (3 days late for AF) June 3 is when the "miscarriage" happened. How could it have been a negative result, but a miscarriage only 2weeks later? Too early to test, maybe?

    June 5, 11th and 20th we dtd. 29th I had a negative urine pg test. 29th was when AF was due. She's currently 5 days late. Nothing yet and I'm getting all excited we could be pg. Then I wonder if AF is only late because of the miscarriage last month?

    I'm getting a hpt on Monday night to test Tuesday. Tuesday will be 1 wk late, and I have a referral for a blood test for the following Tuesday (2wks late). I don't know if I can wait another week and a bit to find out.

    I'm so confused. With ds, I found out at 3 days late thru a doctor urine test..

    Does this make sense to anyone?
    I am so confused.

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    umm dates confused me a litte LOL

    poss to be really ealry but i would have thought a preg test would have shown- I always have heavy clotting if af is late though


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    for my first failed tranfer, AF was late returning. About a week or more (would have to check my diary). But it didn't happen for the second failed transfer.

    Hope that helps.

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    Seems like it could have been a missed pregnancy/miscarriage, but I doubt it... Good luck for when you test though! Maybe we'll both be pg and growing our bubbas together

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    Af late, because of loss last month?

    If your AF was due beginning of June and you tested 2 weeks before that on the 14th of May then yes it would have been too early. The dates don't quite work out for u to be pg then as far as I can tell. I get heavy clotty afs (sorry that sounds gross) most cycles. Stress can make it a bit late.
    I think you need to work out when you ovulate rather than focus on when AF is due. How long is your cycle normally? If u have a 28 day cycle and your lmp was 3 June then u would have been fertile around the 14th-18th.
    Have a play around with some ovulation calcs with your latest af start date if you aren't blessed this month. Good luck

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    i had a m/c at 5 weeks, and my af din't come again until 6 or 7 weeks later...

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    My AF was just over a week late after my mc. I too was getting all excited thinking I might be UTD again but unfortunately it wasn't the case.